Things we love (and hate) about GTA IV PC

Big Download writes:

"Grand Theft Auto IV is a big game. There is a lot of missions to accomplish in the fictional world of Liberty City and as such we want to make sure that we give our final review of the PC version of the game (coming in the near future) a fair shake in instead of just playing though a few hours.

However, those few hours have certainly generated some initial thoughts about what the game is like so far. And yes, we are indeed including the many bugs and issues we have encountered along with many of you who have also tried to play the game. Yet there are things in the game we happen to like as well. So what are those talking points? We are glad you asked, because we happen to have 10 things we love and hate about GTA IV for the PC."

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Yi-Long3600d ago

... I dont agree with the following complaints though:

1: the writer complains about the cops not upholding the law when you're driving through red lights.
He has a point, but the whole point of gaming is to be able to enjoy it and get on with the goals at hand. If you would get cops chasing you each and every time you had a very small offense, the game would be more realistic, but a whole lot less FUN, and a whole lot more annoying!

2: The writer complains about being restricted to the first Island in the beginning of the game. Yes, that's annoying, but TBH, it (the game) does so for a reason. It's a HUGE city, and even the first Island is already big enough for you to have to get to know it to really enjoy it and find your way around in the beginning.
So yeah, it's a shame you cant cruise around the whole city from the beginning, but I understand and applaud the decision to keep it limited. Also, it's a little reward to make sure you keep playing instead of just creating havoc.

Brilliant brilliant game though. So much detail and such great characters. Love it. My game of the year! :)