Battlefield 2042 PS5 Download Size and Preload Details Revealed

The Battlefield 2042 PS5 download size and other preload details have been revealed online, with the game capping at 42GB on the console.

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Majin-vegeta85d ago

Sweet can't wait to give this a go with starlink

DaMist84d ago

Ive been waiting on starlink and nothing yet besides the initial $100 deposit back in Feb. Hoping to hear soon.

Majin-vegeta83d ago

Where are you located?I did my depsoit back in Feb 8,got full order conversion on Oct 6 and just got it this past Sunday.And all i can say is wow it's like literally playing on a landline.Except with bigger speeds.Ping was at the same levels as my landline.

DaMist83d ago

@Majin-vegeta I live in warfordsburg it's a small town in PA. The worst thing about it is that there's no phone number or email to contact them for an update. Do you happen to have an email for them? Lmao I'm desperate.

Spenok84d ago

42.717 GB (Without Day One Patch)