CVG: PSN problems hamper Home's launch

Looks like the folks in Sony's tech department are having a few problems getting Home out to the masses today as promised.

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TheMART5700d ago

yep I have the login probs also. Its a broken Home

ultimolu5700d ago

It's also the beta and the first day.
Dur ta dur!

5700d ago
xhi45700d ago (Edited 5700d ago )

fanboy quote of the day "Sony stinks, Home stinks, the PS3 stinks "

lol we all know you have a PS3 right......................... bahaha

mate you sound like a brat kid who doesn't have enough money to buy a PS3 and hence get Home, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, War Devil, Uncharted 2, New insomniac game, Final Fantasy Versus, White Knight Chronicles, Jak 4, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Motorstorm, Infamous, KILLZONE 2, Heavy Rain, Trine, The Agent etc.......

lol poor mart

P.S Reported your comment as offensive, that's the most ridiculous foto ever. I can't believe you'd go to all that trouble to go to your mates or get one of them to take a photo..........disgusting.

poopsack5700d ago (Edited 5700d ago )

Mart dont put your 360 in the toilet. You're so RROD.

gambare5700d ago (Edited 5700d ago )

cough.... you sound like someone who disappeared some time ago because everybody hates him.

RememberThe3575700d ago

I understand that this is not the release of Home, but it does suck that it's not working quite yet. I was hoping for a little more in the open beta, but like I said it's still just a beta.

ultimolu5700d ago

Hulk Smash!

Did I piss you off?

Home is in beta mode! What did you expect, a grand opening?

Dur ta dur!

I_LOVE_MYSELF5700d ago

Home has connection issues (although im fine)
and NXE bricks your console with RROD (im fine again)

but i know which one i would be more annoyed at...

LarVanian5700d ago

As you can see from the photo MART posted, he is full of sh!t lol.

thor5700d ago

Guys Mart DOES have a PS3. I have every reason to believe him. As far as I know, he bought it for LBP. He's probably just dissatisfied with Sony for their botched Home release. Well Mart, don't worry, just ignore Home and pretend it never existed. There are great games available for the system. Home having problems is not a negative for the system, because up until today we didn't even _have_ Home.

Sony has overpromised and underdelivered with Home. FACT. If you disagree with that, show me where the trophy rooms, video and music sharing, and a wealth of other promised features are in Home and I will eat my hat.

Doppy5700d ago

Of course this is going to happen, it happens during the launch of any high profile event. Online games have problems every time they come out until it's patched. And this is worst because there are at least 8 - 9 million people trying to login to home at one time, so of course there's going to be some delay no matter how much Sony planned for this. This is like Black Friday millions of people scrambling for a few hundred thousand items nation wide = problems.

Jack Meahoffer5700d ago (Edited 5700d ago )

Can anyone name a major online related release that DID go well for PSN?

This is the only reason to come to N4G anymore! Everytime something screws up on either side you can come here and see the brand worshiping apologists squirm.

After R6V2, TF2, COD4, MGS4, GTAIV and SOCOM all having broken online functionality on launch day who would ever assume Home wouldn't shat the bed at every stage? I mean seriously. The hardcore brand sodomists will say free, patience, xbl failed that one time, say whatever you want at the end of the day the reason this is a big deal is that its now EXPECTED.

You fruits on this site can call me biased for 360 all you want. I'll admit PSN does a couple things better like better original downloadable games and being free. Other than that PSN sucks hard. Weak in game text chat, slow downloads, online broken at launch, 3 of 10 people with mics etc.

Just as the 360 has the crappy hardware stank on it so does the PS3 for crap online functionality.

This is expected.

TheMART5700d ago

You know whats funny, standing in Home Square and talking about XBOX 360, PS3 fans going crazy!

gambare5700d ago

Thanks for telling that it was you, I already reported you with some friends of mine for advertising and trolling, now that I know it was you I'm gonna call some buddies there :D

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Keele5700d ago

Home sucks, PSN sucks, Ps3 sucks, Sony sucks.

It's time to sell that noob and buy yourself a new better than ps3, xbox360.

Brian52475700d ago

How much is MS paying you, shill. What a sad, pathetic existence you're living, think MS gives a sh*t about you and your pro-360 rallying. Go do yourself a favor and die in a fiery plane crash.


Zip5700d ago

I knew it was just a questien about time before we would see theese articles

Chubear5700d ago

These gaming sites are so predictable. gaming media have just gone to such low toilet bowl standards and the funny thing is that, they're fine with it.

steck675700d ago

Like this want expected, well at least from me. Us PS3 owners have been waiting for this for years now, and now that Home is available to almost everybody, most of the PS3 owners are downloading Home and with the amount of downloaders downloading Home today, of course there is going to be technical difficulties. MS too have the same problem with their Xbox Live time to time.

steck675700d ago

I meant to say "this was expected" :)

StormSoldier5700d ago

STFU u pu22y ur just a retard that rly doesnt know anything then 360 sh!t hahahah loser..