These Are The 17 EA Games That Critics Really Liked In 2008, With One Glaring Omission

Though some of Electronic Arts' risks didn't take off like they'd hoped, CEO John Riccitiello said on a conference call this week he was proud of the 17 games that scored at least an 80 on Metacritic.

Riccitiello didn't name the 17 games that made the cut, so MTV Multiplayer decided to search through Metacritic's archives and find out.

You might be surprised at one of the year's seemingly most critically acclaimed games that didn't make the cut.

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Spybreak3599d ago

with Mirror's Edge but it is surprising that EA games are good again. They really outdid themselves for 08 and Its funny Activision is starting to become the new EA, the yearly crap bad products one.

NaiNaiNai3599d ago

it seems that alot of companys are gaining ground. even atari is coming back slowly.