OXM: Life After Halo

Just weeks after Bungie Studios unleashed Halo 3 - news emerges that the developer is set to leave Microsoft and return to its independent roots. The split hailed an end to Microsoft's near-eight-year ownership of Bungie, a company it bought on the strength of a one-level game demo called Halo.

Before moving to Seattle from Chicago to join Microsoft in 2000, Bungie was still a relative unknown, a developer bursting with ideas but one yet to realize the true scope of its potential. Now, almost a decade on, Bungie has grown into one of the world's leading game developers - a company once again ready to take its destiny into its own hands.

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Munky3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Now that Bungie is independant they can really let thier creative juices flow without being handcuffed by the monster that is Halo. Bungie is one of the top developers out there so it will be very interesting to see what games they come out with in the future now that they can persue other projects. As much as it sucks that they arr most probably not going to be making the next Halo game, as a company they are now happy. Happy that they can now do what they want, make the games that they want, when they want.

NaiNaiNai3600d ago

isn't this like old news. i know they will do good, but they left MS awhile ago. and there was even a article in GI about this.

Xi3600d ago

Sorry, but this is old.