PS Now November Mafia: Definitive Celeste Final Fantasy IX Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Crime sprees, perilous mountain climbs, fantastical battles, and questionable delivery skills await with PlayStation Now’s November lineup. Mafia: Definitive Edition, Celeste, Final Fantasy IX and Totally Reliable Delivery Service all await subscribers starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2.

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Orchard931d ago

Mafia is a great remake - if you haven't tried it out yet, you totally should.

TheColbertinator931d ago

Will do so. Seen a few cutscenes on YouTube for Mafia DE and it looked sharp

CR7JUVE1897930d ago

This is actually another good month for PS Now.

SyntheticForm930d ago

Mafia Remake is excellent.

Also, you should beat the entire game on Classic; don't lower difficulty for the race.

FallenAngel1984931d ago

Sad to see Streets of Rage 4 leave the service

Ready4nxtgen930d ago

Everyone should have brought SOR4 by. It's only $21 for the game and DLC. Whoever doesn't just missing out. One of the best remade beat em ups ever..

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Agent7557d ago

I sort if disagree with The Getaway. Playing it all those years ago, it had a dodgy control system, more so vehicles, was slow and was graphically unfinished. The sequel was even worse and the third game on PS3 was canned. I think Sony should take both games and merge them into one (as with the soon to be released Max Payne 1 and 2). Weird how Sony messed up The Getaway never to be seen again.


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kevco3376d ago

Bowser's a girl?!

...maybe that wasn't enough said. ;)

The_Hooligan76d ago

One of the most memorable fights I ever played. I almost didn't want to pull the trigger at the end.

Cacabunga76d ago

Maaan.. oh maaaaan!!!! Forever Legendary


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