KZ2 IGN Montage: Helghast Slayer

A montage of KZ2 from IGN.

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xjoshbx4667d ago

can't wait. The beta is so sweet.

dukadork4667d ago

this game is sick
1st day buy for me

SmokingMonkey4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

KZ2 and SF4 LE are already pre ordered and PAID OFF! for me.

that means i have a couple of months to get all the Resistance2 trophies and the last two trophies on the way Heart me my fellow Sack's, and play my levels...i promise you will not be dissapointed. I will earn your hearts.

LarVanian4667d ago

You guys are never gonna believe this but I had an awesome dream of a game called Killzone 2 that looked too good to be true and.....................wait, come to think of it, I don't think that was a dream.

Danja4666d ago

there's not even a game called KZ2 with super duper great graphics and a very fun online mode that I couldn't stop playing when the Beta was out...^.^

fishd4666d ago

No vidoe/Screenshot can't do justice to this game,you have to see the game in person to understand how amazing it looks.

P.S imagine GOW III
*Head Explodes*

Ace_Shooter4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

know what's crazy?? not only does this game have stunning graphics, lighting, "special effects", structure & physiscs but from the sounds of things (positive feedback on the beta) the 'experience' (storymode & gameplay) is going to be just as fascinating. This is one of those games that can give you goose bumps. I'm not even going to bring up the multiplayer because that's just a sure winner to take a lot of time from us gamers.

SmokingMonkey4667d ago

the only thing that even comes close is crysis, but that is old news now.

like GTA4 DLC.


and i don't mean just graphics, i mean the whole package.

I can't wait to kill the BOTS in KZ2 over and over again

supahbad4667d ago

i'm not going to overhype this in my mind or anything, KZ2 isn't anything revolutionary in the world of FPSs, the shooting is just like COD4 if you ask me, it's just very polished with some nice new features that will spice up gameplay.

but shoothing those guys looks so fun, no game has ever come this close to the pain those bots are going through. the generic FPS argument means nothing because generic FPSs are still fun as hell, especially when they look like that. can not wait for this game

also that was the first of the flamethrower i have seen, kudos but i think i'll stick with a good ol' giant machine gun since thats where the blood is at :)

Jager4667d ago

name me one, one FPS that has

-First Person cover system
-In game clan tournaments (256 clans per tournament)
-Clan Currency for betting on matches (Ultimate bragging rights, along with winning a tournament)
-Customizable classes
-Indepth stat tracking (over 100 stats tracked in KZ2)

This isnt a generic run of the mill FPS... this is Killzone 2.

fishd4666d ago

"I can't wait to kill the BOTS in KZ2 over and over again"

I see what you did there

ShAkKa4667d ago

i wonder which version will look better Ps3,360 or Pc... lol

SmokingMonkey4667d ago

that was just mean. No real gamer, especially FPS lovers should miss KZ2.

supahbad4667d ago

prolly the PS3, seeing as how the others dont exist.


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