Deal Alert: 2K's Switch Games Are Dirt Cheap Right Now

If you've been holding out on picking up any of the titles in 2K Games' Switch lineup, now might be the best time to bite as Borderlands, The Outer Worlds, and more get deep discounts.

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Dandizzle580d ago

because they all run like garbage and are poorly optimized for switch

G3ng4r579d ago

These actually run quite well on switch but you are welcome to show us how ignorant you are if you like. I picked up the handsome collection because of how nice it looks on switch compared to something like outer worlds. Outer worlds is blurry trash on switch.

Yui_Suzumiya579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

I have The Outer Worlds on both PS4 and Switch and it most definitely didn't run bad on Switch. How many hours did put in on the Switch version?!

G3ng4r579d ago

My profile says I played for 75 hours so I put up with some stuff. And it does run bad on switch. The latest patch helped to keep it at 30fps but it still doesn't stay there. Then there are those moments when the game stops you where you are to load assets, you can't tell me you haven't seen that loading circle in the center of the screen. Lastly, and most damning in my opinion, is how blurry the game is. Monarch in particular gave me a headache to look at for long, orange soup for miles.

Look, I get it, you're a switch fan. So am I. That doesn't mean we have to be dishonest and claim that games that were obviously never meant to come to the platform actually run flawlessly.

G3ng4r579d ago

Examples of ported games that look nice on switch: skyrim, dark souls, borderlands, bioshock, diablo 3

Examples of ported games that look like a fart on switch: outer worlds, witcher 3, divinity os 2, doom 2016, ark survival

It isn't hard. Play what the switch handles well, skip what it doesn't and don't confuse people as to what looks good and what doesn't.