IGN: Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon Review

Skip this game. It looks terrible, the concept is stale, the storyline is lazy and full of racial stereotypes, and it feels like an unfinished idea. The first Destroy All Humans! title is available as an Xbox Original for $15, and it's a far better experience.

Presentation - 4.0
Graphics - 3.0
Sound - 5.0
Gameplay - 3.5
Lasting Appeal - 3.0
Overall -

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psman0123598d ago

I was not expecting this bad of a review!

Edge Maverick3598d ago

You don't get to play this AAA now exclusive! BWAHAHAHA!

...oh wait.

Cajun Chicken3598d ago

I'll still try to rent...I like Crypto too much to ignore him.
EA buy this franchise so Pandemic can continue making it...PLEASE!

cayal3598d ago

From the sounds of it Sony paid them to get it exclusive to the 360.

mugoldeneagle033598d ago

I thought the Playstation 3 version was cancelled, hence

Or am I not in the PS3 section of N4G? I swear I was...

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