Bethesda: 'Oblivion data duplication was exaggerated'

Oblivion will make extensive use of the PS3's hard drive by caching multiple gigabytes of data, which helps with load times. Bethesda's Pete Hines has commented that recent reports of data duplication on the PS3 Oblivion disc have been exaggerated, and this technique isn't different from the similar strategy that was employed in the creation of the Xbox 360 game last year. Lastly, it's unclear if or when the PS3 will see the Shivering Isles content that's on the way to the PC and Xbox, though with a burgeoning PlayStation Network and plenty of unfilled hard drive space, it's not hard to imagine the expansion can be made available to PS3 owners somewhere down the road.

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nice_cuppa5711d ago

they say its the hd that speeds up loading..ok so my hd equipt 360 could or does do this too.

(are the load speed comparisons confirmed faster on ps3 compared to hd equipt premium 360 or not as i have only read seem to be faster....! or are they comparing the ps3 version to the core 360)

there is a rendering patch coming to oblivion on 360 and pc that fixes the distant texture draw talked about in this article.( obviously not mentioned in this article as they are bigging up ps3)

the 360 and pc had it a year ago plus have add ons and the new expantion pack.

the other thing of note in this article is that data duplication was used on 360 too !!!

so dvd9 can do oblivion (which is huge as stated in this article) at 720p with all that audio and data duplication !?!

this to me was the most interesting thing in this article.

what do ps3 and 360 fans think ?

Bebedora5711d ago

The loadingtimes are about 3-5 sec to load while switching areas, if at all, in PS3 version compared to what? 7-10 on PC/Xbox360? I cant remember exact figures but it's these differences we are talking about.

Since they are using HDD-caching instead of extra duplicated data on a blu-ray, it's more singel data than some thought from the beginning. Now, a Blu-Ray disc comes in handy again. We will se more of the same in the news, as long there are disbelievers, roaming the net writing about it in terms of: It's not needed! I dont want to buy a blu-ray player when buying a PS3! porn industry will not use t! oh-weeeeeeeee!

candystop5711d ago

You should watch the latest 1up show episode 63 and watch what these guys have to say about the PS3 version! Even with this news the 360 version still seems to be the better buy!

Bebedora5711d ago (Edited 5711d ago )

I just have to come back to that. Rightnow I have no possiblity watching this at this place.
But, I've seen it 'live' at a friends home on his xb360. That stuttering frames he showed was'nt that sexy. And wont be tollerated by me whatever console it's on.

[edit] He _did_ say it was a kick-a** game though. So I'm not trying to put the game down in general. [/edit]

dantesparda5711d ago

"they say its the hd that speeds up loading..ok so my hd equipt 360 could or does do this too.

(are the load speed comparisons confirmed faster on ps3 compared to hd equipt premium 360 or not as i have only read seem to be faster....! or are they comparing the ps3 version to the core 360)"

That is compared to the 360 premium package (the one with the HDD), see you need to understand, that even though the 360 has a HDD, the "Core" one doesnt, therefore, the developers cannot count on it as a standard, so they dont (its not that they cant, but they dont) develop to take advantage of it. Whereas on the PS3 there is (a HDD), even on the $500 package (it still has a 20GB HDD). So they are able to take advantage of it (on the PS3). But MS does plan to start making games that take advantage of the HDD, just none are out yet. (Heck they could even patch them to start taking advantage of it now if they really wanted to)

Personally i feel that this is stupid (that they dont take advantage of it) cuz they could, giving the Premium Package owning customers better load times, or even more and better content. The none-HDD having customers would just have to accept it, and in fact would give them an incentive to want to get the HDD version (or at least the HDD). Did you know the developers of Saints Row wanted to add in airplanes in the game but couldnt cuz the DVD could not transfer the data of the world at the speeds they wanted, fast enough. So they left it out. Whereas they said that they could have done it with the HDD, because its a lot faster the the DVD drive. But once again, since there are a bunch of people who own the non-HDD 360, they didnt want to leave them out, to alienate them. I say BS, they should have done it, and just let the non-HDD owning people know

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DJ5711d ago

Helps developers like Bethesda out a lot. Having more room is always a plus as well. Complaining about more storage capacity equals complaining that developers are getting more freedom.

nice_cuppa5711d ago

the point is sony told us we had to have it for the games.
it made the ps3 expensive.

bethesda have shown that we dont need it.

more space is nice but so is an affordable console.

i think everyone knows its movie format domination that blu-ray is in ps3 the benefit to games is not there.

if most ps3 games load to the hard drive anyway the only benefit blu-ray offers is that you can have the same disc in your ps3 from the beginning to the end of a game without changing disc.
(does anyone do this ?)
i for one tend to have 2 or 3 games on the go such as oblivion (1 player) then GOW (multiplayer) ect.

techie5711d ago

I think you're misconstruing the article. Yes if your making a multiplatform game you can get around it by using compression techniques - but still a lot has to come from downloading extra info, whereas the ps3 version can come with all the updated areas already on the disc. Also there is room to grow with blu-ray and also there's no need to worry about getting it onto a dvd, so time isn't taken up doing this.

In addition, having a harddrive as standard is a plus. The reason developers cannot use the xbox360 harddrive as a cache device, is because not everyone has one and so it cannot be relied on and so cannot be used at all for this purpose. Many developers have stated this as an advantage of the ps3.

IGN said the loads times of the ps3 are faster (3seconds, to xbox360's 7seconds) - but it's not notable at all really at this moment in time.

lalaland5711d ago (Edited 5711d ago )

Does that mean we don't need DVD either? In fact games are made for PCs that could fit on floppy disc, does that indicate that even a CD-drive is overkill?

Throughout videogame history the amount of space needed by the average game has grown every single year, wether the extra space is really needed for entertaining gameplay or not. Nothing indicates that the same evolution won't happen in the coming years. And IF history is repeating itself, the space available on DVD will not suffice a couple of years down the road. Ofcourse games will still be made for DVD-only platforms (like X360), but platforms like PCs and PS3 will have moved on with "bigger" games.

Btw, games don't HAVE to install EVERYTHING on the harddrive to gain load speed improvements, and nothing hinders you from installing several games on the harddrive.

candystop5711d ago

Well according to gameinformer certain 360 games will start coming out packaged with a harddrive required label on the box to play certain games! Soon the core will die off hopefully and games will load much faster for 360 since you will need a HDD! Who ever made the decision at MS to not include the HDD needs to be kept out of any future decision making!

techie5711d ago

Oh wow. That's interesting. And slightly sad for those who don't have the drive. Is that really fair?...Couldn't they just have advantages for those with compared to those without - rather than needing a drive to play them.

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EnforcerOfTheTruth5711d ago

"This leads us on to DLC content. Yes, tracks will be made available after the release of Forza 2, the ones they couldn’t fit on the disc initially. So although the 12 environments may sound a little disappointing in terms of volume of content, that will increase. Whether you will have to pay hasn’t been decided yet, and whether you want to pay or not is entirely your decision."

12 tracks and the DVD9 is already full LOL have fun downloading to your 20GB HDD

Columbo5711d ago

I don't see how talking about Blu-ray and Forza have anything to do with this article. Did you even read it? Do you just copy and paste that in every article?

Master of Menace5711d ago (Edited 5711d ago )

Yep. Once again, the PS3 nay sayers are proven wrong. They can only hold tight to their noisy, inferior DVD playback, XBOX 360 and make more excuses. We don't need it, they will cry. Well I'm happy for them, because they won't miss the definitive version of Oblivion. With better visuals, better loading times, expansion packs. The whole reason we wanted Blu-ray in the first place.

candystop5711d ago (Edited 5711d ago )

Why don't you wait for the game to come out 1st before you start claiming which version is better! Now if you watch the latest 1up show they pretty much tell it like it is and from what I listened to the 360 version is the better buy and will evolve even more thanks to it's powerful gpu but the PS3 version will also have it's advantages! No one is crying over any features of the PS3 trust me and the only reason you guys keep getting so many posts is because most of you on this site lie and over exaggerate! Also Forza 2 will have I believe 48 tracks and 12 environments at launch so quit with the normal Sonyfanboy exaggeration crap already and stop making things up! Here's the link to the show episode 63 once again for the guys that think that the PS3 version will be the best when in fact both version will have different advantages!

Master of Menace5711d ago (Edited 5711d ago )

I'm just quoting the article. And I'm not lying. Read the article two more times then sleep on it. PS3 is getting the better deal. I'm glad they fixed the "muddy mess". Also, read the article on XBOX 360's design flaws.

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