Battlefield 2042 | Official PC Trailer With RTX On

Battlefield 2042 is RTX On with NVIDIA ray tracing, DLSS and Reflex.

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Kaii79d ago

Was this supposed to showcase the framerate at 0.39? Don't tell me, this was put together during the previous/before the previous later 2020 alpha build?

Normally promotional material is crafted in such a way to disguise these issues, hats off for showing it.

seanpitt2378d ago

Iam telling you now this is going to be a shit show of a launch… from the beta to all the trailers this is going to be worse than BF4 and EA will not delay it…

Nuggies78d ago

Unacceptable indeed, but looking back at the battlefield 4 launch it was completely botched...and ended up being a fantastic battlefield game.

cartoonx178d ago

well maybe they were showing you how bad performance is before enabling DLSS. :D

LordoftheCritics78d ago

Hey that could be a good ongoing excuse..

Lemme email their PR.

just_looken78d ago

I agree during the beta so many were like "bf4 was broken/all bf betas have issues"

So what when issues from the last player increase that happend in 2013 appear in 2021 we should be thankful?

This trailer is also bragging it runs on the most powerful gpus out there well i hope so that is bare minimum show us this gameplay on a lat 20 series card showcasing optimization.

This game at full msrp has 3 game modes a quarter of content any battlefield game has had at launch and yet to many its the second coming of jesus i do not get it.

annoyedgamer78d ago

This game is not ready for release. But they know people will buy it anyways.

1nsomniac77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

I preordered it for £32 so I’m willing to take a punt. Don’t get me wrong tho if I had paid £50 let alone £70. My pre-order would of been cancelled the moment I played the “playtest”. I wouldn’t of pre-ordered it at those prices anyway.

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boing178d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I, for one, can't wait. I had a blast with the beta. I missed modern BF sooo much that I'm now willing to go through early growing pains of launch period. Again.

giveyerheadawobble78d ago

I'm sorry, I just don't trust this trailer, and looking at it, why are they telling us its gameplay captured, when its mostly what adds up to cut scenes that are using the "in-engine" visuals? Do they expect us to believe we'll all have dramatic moments where we are escaping a bomb blast only to dramatically leap off a cliff and into a helicopter and it'll look like that when we're playing? How many times have we been here before for people to actually wise the fuck up to this nonsense? But "Ooooooh, ray tracing, and ambient occlusion and DLSS! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Day one for me!"

77d ago