Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Forza Horizon 5, Minecraft: Bedrock and Java Editions, and More

Xbox writes:

We’re continuing the trend of bringing back-to-back blockbuster games to Xbox Game Pass and I’m absolutely here for it. I’m trying to contain my hype and not type in all capital letters but imagine me writing announcement this very loudly with pure excitement with each game coming soon.

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My_Name_is_Earl579d ago

It Takes Two! Perfect. Been meaning to play this with my wife.

Jericho1337579d ago

Same, just 7-8 months after release also.

Z501579d ago

Do they tell people Forza games (1st party ofcourse) won't be in GP forever???

Si-Fly579d ago

By the time they leave there’s a new version out so not sure there’s any issue?

Chris12579d ago

@Z501 - do you understand how licencing works? And if you're still playing it in 3-4 years, it will be a couple of quid to buy.

4Sh0w579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

Ironically your comment only highlights why people like me who have paid full price for tons of games that I only played for a couple months, some more, but most even less & never played again , this is why we love Gamepass= We get to play more than we ever would AND IF you love any 1 game by the time its leaving Gamepass it will be just a few bucks to buy.

stefd75579d ago

I brought it just for that very reason

Orchard579d ago

They do - it’s in the terms and conditions stating games may leave and enter the service. This is standard for content subscriptions like game pass, Netflix etc.

Now, will anyone actually care / still be playing this game in 4-5 years when we have a plethora of new, better looking next-gen only Forza games? Probably not many.

strifeblade579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

Yeah ofcourse. Basically to take all hype away from what's presumably one of the best open world racers, they tell everybody hey!!! This game will leave GP IN 5 YEARS. THEN THEY PROCEED TO TELL PPL THAT JUST AbOUT EVERY GAME ON GAMEPASS WILL LEAVE IN 5 YRS. BUT MAYBE YOUR THINKING HEY WILL GP BE HERE IN 80 YRS?? DO THEY TELL PPL IT WONT BE HERE IN 80 YEARS?!?


gamer7804579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

It’s a first party that uses licensed titles after several years they get removed but the newer version is usually out. And if not like with Forza 7 you can pick up the game for just a few bucks. This is how licensing work I’m sure everyone here knows that and if not MS gives plenty of notice so you can buy digitally before it’s removed for a very cheap price.

In short yes they do tell people ahead of time and it’s super cheap to pick up at that time.

thesoftware730579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

Do they tell you any game is leaving until is leaving?

Nope...what is your point agin exactly?

NeoGamer232579d ago

They blanket say that all GP games are not forever so yes.

Anyone on GP knows games come and go all the time.

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Rocosaurus579d ago

Football manager is huge here in Europe. Big get!

Jericho1337579d ago

Agreed, looks like FM will be on game pass day 1 annually from now on.

iplay1up2579d ago

Annually? There hasn't been a new Horizon game in 3 years.

Orchard579d ago

@iplay1up2 Forza Horizon would be FH, he said FM - Football Manager.

As for Forza, it’s been known for years that every MS game will be on game pass day 1.

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