Little Nightmares Will Receive a Native PS5 and Xbox Series X Update

Little Nightmares could get a native PS5 and Xbox Series X version, according to a current PEGI rating. Its sequel has already gotten a free update.

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UncertainCategory689d ago

Title. ‘Will get’

Description. ‘Could get’


Dirtnapstor688d ago

Did you click the link? And read?

BenRC01689d ago

Too late, beat it and won't go back, 1st was way better imo.


Little Nightmares Mobile Opens for Pre-Registration Ahead of Release

The mobile version of Playdigious' Little Nightmares is officially open for pre-registration ahead of its December 2023 release.

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Little Nightmares Is The Creepiest Game Boy Color Game You've Never Played

One Seriously Talented Pixel Artist Has Recreated Little Nightmares' Most Memorable Scenes In All Gory 8-Bit Glory To Scare The Pixels Out Of You

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sadraiden138d ago

I guess I should have known before clicking that this was lowkey clickbait.

It's just PixelArt, not a link to a .gbc file.

dead_pixels138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Clickbait? The article description couldn't be more clear.