Avatars vs. Miis vs. Home people ... FIGHT!

In the battle of video game customizable character thingymabobs, there can be only one winner. Now, with Sony's release of Home and its unique inhabitants, we have a battle between the big three and only one victor can be crowned.

Gamesradar set up a battle between Xbox 360's Avatars versus the Nintendo's Miis and the Playstation 3's Home characters in a console avatar showdown by comparing each console's rendition of various people's likenesses. And after comparing to see which console is best at remaking said person, a victor is chosen. It's definitely a judgment based war, so we'll go ahead and award our console likeness creating winner to be the 360's Avatars. Not because we're Xbox 360 fanboys, but because ... well, actually, that's exactly why.

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ChickeyCantor3602d ago

LMAO Home-Kratos looks like a nazi

PS3 outcomes are the most horrible, I'm not bashing Home but the "look alikes" are just BAD!

Arsenic133602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Sony did say they were gonna limit the facial customization to limit these kinda funny looking avatars. (Google it for proof)

I say Avatars win....*Ducks for cover*.

ChickeyCantor3602d ago

But that isn't making sense, aren't you suppose to create yourself? So if they prevent you from making those characters, how on earth will you ever create yourself?

I'm still laughing McCain on home looks freaking funny.

I think xbox-avatars have a nice look for the eye, and some look really good but you can see that the Mii's are more "close" to the actuall faces on lots of them...
Home is going no where with this, again im not bashing but that is just freaking funny.

chaosatom3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Home is 3D and realistic.

It's Pretty hard to make a actual representaion.

Avators are like Much less realistic, and they not in a 3d world.
So it's easy give them any face.

ChickeyCantor3602d ago

What? If its more realistic, shouldn't you be able to create "real" look alikes?

you aren't making sense, you just jumped in to defend HOME!
You aren't thinking.

poopsack3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

actually no sidar, u see, by making it more "realistic" it is much more detailed, making it alot harder to make a look alike, with miis/avatars, you can just slap on those sticker faces that kinda look like u and say, hey that kinda looks like you.

LokMessier3602d ago

Yeah the kratos one looks like just some bald guy XD, I wonder if Sony will at least add in some things [either paying for them or free] that will allow for tattoos and such.

On the subject of Home avatars the Mario one kind of scares me O_O. Can't wait for home to have more clothing options and stuff, maybe then we [ PS3 owners and Home users] Will be able to make the Kratos, Lara, and Mario we want. >_> *Thinks of all the laras*

I think we should be able to adjust the bust to :3

UnwanteDreamz3602d ago

This gets a FAIL from me because they are comparing a Home beta to the others. Just wait they have already said that we are donna see some cool game based accessories for HOME.

Maxned3602d ago

Wow. The Home avatars... my god..

The Mario one is just horrendous. What? They dont have red shirts?
The guy looks like a fry cook at my McDonalds.

Wenis3602d ago

The joker in home just looks stupid.

sloth4urluv3602d ago

So its better to have a releastic version of me that bares no resemblance to me than to have a cartoony version of me that recognizable?

steveg25643602d ago

The PS3 McCain looks like one of the pre-cogs from Minority Report. Kinda spooky.

ChickeyCantor3602d ago

That;s like saying, PS3/360 can produce visuals that look very realistic. So it's harder to create a realistic world. While the Wii tends to go cartoony in most cases, it's easier to bring out a realistic looking world?

Seriously wtf is wrong with logic these days?

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PimpHandHappy3602d ago

how about this

what can a person doing using the avitar of choice?

who wins is who can do more things!


Arsenic133602d ago

The whole debate is about the little ppl u make not the service. Please read.

GiantEnemyCrab3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

That Home avatar in that picture just looks weird.. Uncanny valley x100

I love how these websites know they are making flamebait and then tell the fanboys to fight(and give them hits). Like circus monkies expected to perform for their dinner, of course they will oblige.

Wheres my banana?

PS: I vote for none of them. These virtual dolls seem unnecessary for me.

Gambit073602d ago

There should be a universal avatar system when the next gen hits.

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