Sony takes micro-transactions into a whole new world with launch of Home

Venturebeat: Sony launched its Home virtual world for the PlayStation 3 today, opening up its beta test to all 16 million PS3 owners. We've tested Home in a closed beta so far, but now we will find out if it is ready for millions of people. Jack Buser is the director of Home for the U.S. market. We talked with him by phone yesterday about Sony's plans for expanding the world and what's there now. [FYI: At the moment, I'm having trouble logging into Home; apparently, it's crowded]

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Darkseider3598d ago

is a GOOD thing! Means folks want in to see what it's about. Also means some more work on traffic shaping and beefing up the backend to handle the demand. In any case excellent job Sony for getting it out!

Zerodin3598d ago

What are ya? Some dumb jap-loving [email protected]?
b-b-but free PSN!

Captain Tuttle3598d ago

The club idea is pretty cool.

PimpHandHappy3598d ago

i already have my club picked out


now only if i could get into my HOME i could start stocking the fridge with Red Bull and lube

Bnet3433598d ago

Hey please someone here on N4G. Add me to your list. :( I don't have any friends on PS3 and I want to join the N4G club on Home so I don't want to be left out of the limbo. my PSN ID is Kigmal!! Please someone!!

Bnet3433598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Yo nice thanks man, so does anyone know how we are going to make the N4G club? I saw someone talking about it.

BTW this is bullcrap, I'm still stuck on initializing screen, wtf man. :(

Bnet3433598d ago

nice man ty, but i keep getting DCed ...

PlayStation3603598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I get the error too, but I know it'll get better later on tonight, or early morning.

As for the N4G club.
I think BrunoM is gonna make a club, just give him your PSName. And he'll hook you up. Probably :P

edit: nvm, looks like J8M7G handled it. :P

Will_Smith3598d ago

add me to the N4G culb


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iggypop1233598d ago

if i could get past initializing i would have a different opinion of home that i have now, that its trash

gambare3598d ago

it would be worst if instead of that you entered home and found no one, but if home is full it means it's a total success

Cenobia3598d ago

For the millionth time, it's a BETA. If you can't handle the problems, just wait until the final release. You should just be glad you got access this early at all. Sony could have made everyone wait another couple of months. The fact that it's crashing now is good because they're being forced to adapt and add servers to make it run smoother. It just means a better end product.

It'll be up and running in a couple days max. All this whining solves nothing.

thor3598d ago

"You should just be glad you got access this early at all"

"Early" LMFAO!!

austere3598d ago

don't bother. It's pointless. There is nothing to do. The funnest thing is bowling....yes...bowling. Run around and try to talk to people...90% of them are afk or just standing there doing nothing/dancing. Waste of time.

Cenobia3598d ago

@Thor: I realize they announced Home a LONG time ago, but they never had a real release date. My point is they could have made us wait longer. People can still wait for the full release if they aren't patient enough to deal with some Beta server issues.

@austere: The real draw to Home hadn't even been released in the earlier Beta. What I'm looking forward to is the game rooms. Planning strategies in Warhawk could be really fun. Even launching a game from Home with people you just met is pretty cool. If you don't like it, don't use it. You aren't losing any money or anything over it, and I (or anyone else, for that matter) certainly won't miss you.

austere3598d ago

aww cenobia do I make you sad pointing out that Home is a failure and a waste of sony's time? Sorry to point out the facts. Idiot.

MiloGarret3598d ago

I haven't touched my ps3 all day, still waiting for the initial sh!tstorm to fade a little before even attempting to try out home. Not really interested in it though so no biggie..

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Yi-Long3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

... and it's cool, it looks nice, but there's no way in hell that I'll be buying virtual stuff. :)

The avatar-creator is a bit limited though. Not enough clothes and the face-creator isnt as good as Tiger Woods' gameface engine, sadly.

1: I already ran into some douchebag who bought clothes(!) How lame is that!?
2: The avatar is wayyy to slow to really move around at a decent pace in HOME. The slow running is annoying and should be sped up.

Yi-Long3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

... ah well... it was fun for about an hour. Pretty small, and I certainly wont be doing any micro-transactions.

The few locations that are in there, look nice. I played 1 game of pool and that was fun. Not really tried bowling yet.

I dont think I'll visit HOME often. It's a fun 'toy' and to showcase when friends come over, but it has to offer a whole lot more before you'll really go in for a few hours and have 'fun' in that virtual playground.

Right now, after just checking it out a bit, it's already becoming a little boring cause there's not that much to it, yet.

edit: In Home you can play chess and checkers, but when you're white and you're playing on a very light board, as in this case, it's too hard to make out the different pieces. Maybe it's better on a HDTV, but I thought it was hard to see the different pieces.

Sonydrone4life3598d ago

Lets see, a fee to subscribe to Qore and a monthly fee to run a club plus $$ for any Home clothes/furniture/accessories. Sounds like someone is also charging for thier service now.

poindat3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Yeah, but none of it is mandatory is it? The PSN is still free. I don't have to pay a fee to sign on and game with my friends or use the store.

Oh, okay Mr. Disagree. You're right, I do have to pay for all of that. I was wrong, my bad.

LokMessier3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

PSN is still free:
1. Choose to subscribe to Qore
2-5. All of those home things aren't mandatory, you choose to do that.

Please tell me which of those that you mentioned are mandatory in order to use the service?

So we all got disagreed upon for stating something that is actually true? Last I checked when I wanted to play my games online to, just like any other PS3 owner I didn't have to input my credit card number nor did I have to go and get a card.

Cenobia3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

So paying for optional things is the same as paying a mandatory fee for playing games online? You don't have to pay anything on the PSN.

You can't spin that no matter how hard you try.

SmokingMonkey3598d ago

i didn't have to pay anything to play R2 with 60 players online or 8 player co op.

you on the other hand HAVE TO pay $50 a year to play 5 0n 5 gears2 or 4 player L4D.


Theoneneo813598d ago

you dont have to pay for any of those

heyheyhey3598d ago

Qore is a magazine... you pay for your other magazines right?

don't want to pay for the optional stuff in Home? don't... just be happy Sony are giving you the app to use for free and will be expanding it for free... after so much money and time spent on Home, Sony has to generate some cash to recoup the production of Home....

you can still use it and most of it's features for free...

THAT was a dumb statement

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