Xbox Live Marketplace: The Future of Downloadable Content & Media or Breeding Ground of Corporate Greed??

From the article: "In the lead up to Xbox 360 launch, a lot was touted about the Xbox Live! Marketplace. How users would be able to perform micro-transactions between each other and set up their own Live Marketplace "stores" and sell t-shirts etc, for such games as Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. However (to me at least), this seems to be a system that is slowly but surely being abused by game developers and publishers to extract every last dollar they can from our wallets..."

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calderra4895d ago

Wait, companies whose sole reason for existance is to make money are trying to make money off people!? NAW!!!

It's a good thing Nintendo is releasing all of its old titles for free on their online service, and that sony is doing the same.

LostChild4895d ago

affects the people who actually buy this over price and really, worthless stuff. You don't need Horse Armor in Oblivion. (You're on foot 90% of the time and there is an instant warp) The stuff EA is selling for their games, is not even worth buying. GRAW 1200 msn map pack night/day option should have been in the orginal game. Lumines is to over priced for an XBLA game and the add on should have been encluded with the release of the game. I wonder how much Epic was going to charge for those two new GOW maps if the Discovery Channel didn't step in? I can't wait to see what Bungie is going to do with new Halo3 content. Kinda feel sorry for those who are buying Halo3 that goes for $100 bucks and then have to shell out more money when the new maps and downloadable content comes out. Buy hey, people are spending $60 bucks just to play a demo. Developer's see these people coming a mile away and they know they are going to make a profit without really having to get off the couch.

0LDSCH00L4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

I personally have no problem with this, it takes Dev's time.. and time means money...ok there are some items (Oblivion horse armor) 200 points which I did purchase, but..I do agree It was a little much,I think it should have been maybe 30-40 points, but come on people stop whining!