Mirror's Edge DLC looks better than actual game

Fans of the mind-bending Mirror's Edge will get a post-Christmas treat this January in the form of 7 time-trial maps, and one additional map that will be exclusive to PS3 and offered for free through PSN. EA assures that the time-trial maps will put your free-running skills to the test.

"Players will be challenged to achieve the fastest times possible on nine races across seven all-new and totally redesigned Time Trial maps. No guns, no cops, and no city: this is true aesthetics, agility and flow that will challenge any runner."

For those gamers who enjoyed the parkour aspect of Mirror's Edge but felt underwhelmed by the combat or storyline, this DLC pack should be at the top of your post-Christmas shopping list.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603597d ago

Expect greatness when you develop something exclusive for the PS3.

Matix3596d ago

The maps are simpler. They probably amped up the special effects because they CAN now.

ShinFuYux3596d ago

I love the game, quite an awesome game.

panasonic233596d ago

have fun while i be playing goty fallout 3 dlc lol exclusive for the 360