LittleBigPlanet is "LittleBigPossible": OTG Review

Only the Games writes: "Many have posited LittleBigPlanet's signature tactile and charming world as a move to appeal to the masses, but that's only one side of the coin. The wobbling wheels, the festive adornments, the oversized objects will all stir you to that old, familiar feeling; inventive daydreams that began as childlike wonder, but only now is there a crossing that leads to their fully realized conclusion."

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ZomgBox3600d ago

This zomg game will only get better.

MountainMaverick3600d ago

Late review, but not like this game is ever static. I would say that reviewing this game before the servers went live is just dumb.

tinydancer3600d ago

Yeah, it was pretty much a bunch of assumptions

hombrehambre3600d ago

Assumptions? Not really, the game is what it is. They just assume that it will all work.

SL1M DADDY3599d ago

If you can think it, it can be done. You just have to know how to use the tools and you will be amazed at all the possibilities.

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hombrehambre3600d ago

Left 4 Dead, owns almost all.

ReTarDedFisHy3600d ago

Your kidding, it's a $60 dollar Half-life 2 mod. It's basically Zombie Panic, which is free, with better overall gameplay, minus the barricades feature in ZP...

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Kriller3600d ago

"Some of the most original creators have yet to be uncovered in the world of LittleBigPlanet, which becomes blatantly obvious by peeling through the first pages only to uncover several “Get teh 7 Trophies, Play me nowz!!”" lol, so true.

PrimordialSoupBase3600d ago

Those levels stink, completely pointless.

hombrehambre3600d ago

I want trophies = not pointless. But creatively pointless? Yep.

Stoneroses63003600d ago

Trophies are retarded, as are achievements.

bunbun7773600d ago

trophies are trophies ---

not to put words in anyone's mouth but i can see how trophy whoring may be retarded, in that one may lose the overall experience of the game in favor of a narrow minded, squirrel-like fervor of trophy collection.

But.... if you are not affected by trophies, they can be quite pleasurable. Think of it this way, if you really enjoy the game you will not need trophies to make you play it again, but in getting "completion" you may find yourself playing ie: enjoying the game in manners you are not normally accustomed to. Like weapon selection, or play style, or difficulty.

Trophies are supposed to be frosting, not cake. Unless you are a frosting whore, then go get your frosting!

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Vortigaunt3600d ago

I feel so bad for this game. It was a complete bomb :(

bunbun7773600d ago

not a bomb like a flop.
a bomb more like da bomb.

Highly enjoyable, well crafted, upgradeable and diverse.

I feel so bad for posters that seem to be impressed by sales :(

SmokingMonkey3600d ago

because of sales?

if you only play games that sell well then that means you must be playing WiiPlay everyday all day.

sales mean nothing you tard.

I think you "wish" it bombed because you don't have a creative bone in your whole body.

christian hour3600d ago

I don't see how it was a bomb, yes it didnt sell well, neither did psychonauts, but no one can deny that Psychonauts wasn't an amazing game.

Little big planet is one of two reasons I bought a ps3 in 2007 (yes i bought it a full year before release, simply because of a temporary price drop offer they had in Ireland).

I bought my ps3 for LBP and MGS4. And I have to say LBP delivered on every front. The story levels are well designed, fun and the humor is good too. And they definitely showcase what you can do in the editor. The game didnt sell well, so what.

However it did convince me to buy a ps3 when I was considering waiting a few years, so that in itself should be a victory for media molecule right there. Plus I finally have a game my girlfriend plays more than I do. Which is a relief, cos she was kind of eating in to my gaming a little bit :P

I just wish my 360 friends could experience this amazing game, well, they do come over now and then to check it out, and they love it. In my opinion LBP was definitely a console seller for me, if it wasnt for that game I'd only have a 360 and I'd still be waiting for that moment in time when the ps3 gives me reason to buy it :P

RememberThe3573600d ago

Guy we all love games. All of us. We may like different consoles or game types, but we all love games.

That said, games that don't sell have less of a chance of getting a sequel. And we all know that we love our selves some sequels.

The point is this, it is in our best interest for these games to sell well. That why we get a quality sequel with a ton of people to play with.

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Kinetix3600d ago

I really really like this game and it's ashame it hasn't been in a hit on the charts. Hopefully the sales will pick up so more innovative and original games like these get made more often. My finger and the R1 button can only take so many shooters.

bviperz3600d ago

In time Sackboy will get his (and hers!).