Tales of Luminaria Reveals Lots of Gameplay Showing Several Characters in Action & More

Bandai Namco has started revealing new gameplay videos and more of its upcoming mobile JRPG Tales of Luminaria.

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Knightofelemia78d ago

Why put this on cellphone? I would have bought this day one if it dropped on console.

phoenixwing77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

I think you know why but don't like the answer. Cellphones are popular in Japanese gaming culture plus everyone has a cellphone in other countries. It probably took prority over console plus when it comes to cellphones you don't often get as much pushback on microtransactions.

Hopefully this bombs on cellphones and we get more console/pc releases

Godmars29077d ago

What decent looking/playing mobile game do you know of wound up being ported to console?

Best bet to play this will be on PC through an emulator.

phoenixwing77d ago

Godmars there is genshin impact

nommers77d ago

I wish mobile games bombing would be enough of a reason for companies to stop making games on phones, but sadly that just isn't the case. The fact is they only need so much money to make back the costs. The game can suck to the ninth degree, but the developer/publisher only needs to make so much money off of it because they're so cheap to make.

gamer780477d ago

Same here. I was like cool another tales so soon but just phone garbage.