There's Still a Place for Dedicated Handheld Systems

Alex DS. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Over the last few years, we’ve seen both Sony and Nintendo move away from this concept with the former now focusing entirely on their home system and the latter merging them under one umbrella. But while gaming on the go is still very much a part of our lives, I think there’s still a place for dedicated handheld systems."

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badz14976d ago

Like the Switch Lite? that thing is selling very well right now

Espangerish76d ago

Since the PSP this market has been all Nintendos and they do extremely well out of it. Be very interesting to see if it can support two players. Very keen to see how the Steam Deck does.

Gardenia76d ago

I think the biggest thing about a handheld is how big you can make the screen before it becomes to big. The Switch for example has a big enough screen for gaming but it is too big to take with you everywhere.
The future for handheld I think is screens you can fold. It has the size of a phone but can fold into a Switch sized screen. Something like that is the future for phones/tablets and handhelds.

EvertonFC75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Agree plus battery life improvements in the future. Battery tech has not improved much in 20years especially laptops max 2hrs lol and the steam deck is 3 hours? OK for out and about gaming but not great especially the bigger the games?
Also heat my phone goes mental hot when I use GPS maps or mobile gaming?

FinalFantasyFanatic75d ago

Batteries have always been a sore point, with the world moving towards Green energy and big innovative companies like Tesla leading the charge... I'd be surprised if we don't see a big leap in battery tech over the next 5 or so years.

pietro121275d ago

I think 7 inches is perfect, but I don't take my handheld systems to places so of course I can work with the size. I get what you're saying though and it makes perfect sense. I'd love a Nintendo or Valve developed system that was foldable.

EvertonFC75d ago

My misses says 7" Is perfect 👌😁

pietro121275d ago

Like the Switch? The Vita could of lasted longer than it did if it wasn't for Sony and they heaps of bad ideas on how to handle the system i.e the memory cards. The Vita should of done better than the PSP.

Bigman4k75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Sony drop the ball with the ps vita had they stuck with it and kept putting out good games for it the vita would've done much better

FinalFantasyFanatic75d ago

They kind of left the system to die, I think the memory cards was a big issue for people and the lack of games, which is odd for Sony since their game lineup is one of their big selling points on console.