Resident Evil 3 Remake Named a Success by Capcom

Resident Evil Three Remake has already outsold the original game, according to Capcom reports, attribute success due to digital sales

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-Foxtrot80d ago

I really hope this doesn't make them think they can get away with cutting content and the like in future remakes

I don't want things missing in the RE4 Remake, if anything I want things expanded upon.

ZeekQuattro80d ago

The only RE remake to do that was the original. Capcom stayed faithful to the original and added new enemies and new areas as a bonus. After 2 and 3 I don't think they are capable of doing that anymore. They cut enemies and areas from both games. 3 got it the worse but 2 didn't get away unscathed either.

I just know they will tone down 4 in some way. I just hope it's closer to the way they handled 2 at least. Capcom seems to have some respect for it. They took their time after all unlike 3.

wiz719178d ago

Both remakes were in development are the same time .. they released them the way they did because that’s how the originals were released. 3 came a year after 2

jBlakeeper79d ago

This one may have gotten away with it based off the success of RE2 remake, but I think the next remake is going to have to deliver a little more to be a huge success.

79d ago
Lore79d ago

Their original idea for the Remakes for 2 & 3 was actually very commendable (combine them and sell them together). But yes once the decision was made to separate the two then they definitely should have added way more content to 3

Godmars29079d ago

Would think use if "success" would mean just that, sadly.

You'll take whatever they offer, or not. Enough of the other suckers will still buy it.

NeoGamer23278d ago

Ya, success is measured in many ways. If they are measuring financial and sales success I think the game was successful.

But, if they are measuring how it built the brand and the community around RE, I think it was very unsuccessful. To me Capcom has a lot of ying and yang. And they build some really great games and IP like Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Dragon's Dogma, Devil May Cry, etc. But for every great release they have that raises the bar, they seem to do something that re-lowers the bar at times. RE7 revitalized the IP and brought it more back to its roots. RE2 was a solid remake that I quite enjoyed. RE3 remake was really just taking the RE2 remake engine and reapplying it to RE3. Then Village. Well, let's just say I think they took a few steps backwards. RE7 established a modern identity to RE, RE Village went away from that new identity.

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Furesis80d ago

I'd say a big factor was RE:2 Remakes success, but to me RE3:R was just so disappointing.

XiNatsuDragnel80d ago

I really don't want a re4 remake I wish a code Veronica remake first, but if you do it I swear to dragons make a classic.control options or we'll riot.

Dandizzle79d ago

I bought the remake and loved every min of it.

Sonyslave379d ago

Yup me too even got the platuim trophy.

Tacoboto79d ago

How long did it take you to beat it?

I've had it nearly a year and want to binge it during a long weekend

CrimsonWing6979d ago

Same here, but I do wish there wasn’t cut content. Can you imagine how much better it could’ve been with everything included like the giant worm boss?

CobraKai78d ago

Same here. I loved it just as much as 2 and replayed it over.

For me, playing on normal, without finding collectibles, it took 8+ hours.

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MissAubrey79d ago

Jill was annoying and unattractive and moved/dressed exactly like Claire (with her jacket removed) not to mention they toned the violence waay down and cut the game basically in half...
a success only in capcom eyes if you ask me...

79d ago
TricksterArrow79d ago

She is attractive, but exactly like Claire, yes. Jill was always more cool and collected, almost stoic. She was also very girly girl, not kind of a tomboy, like Claire…

CobraKai78d ago

I loved the game for what it is, not what it was supposed to be, but i agree that Claire and Jill dressed exactly the same by the end of both games. Lol. That’s why I preferred her OG 3 costume.

jBlakeeper56d ago

Jill moves nothing like Claire. If anything she moves a lot faster in RE3. I agree on the violence though lol.

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