OXCGN's MK vs DC Review: 2 worlds collide for the better!

OXCGN Writes:

"Many thought at first that it wouldn't work, that it was "doomed to fail" and so on. Though Midway have ensured that it may be less graphic and violent, it still possesses that quirky charisma and corny voice acting, the staple of every MK game."

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Immortal Kaim3602d ago

The game certainly looks good graphically, I would like to here peoples experiences with the gameplay though, it just doesn't seem like a Mortal Kombat game to me.

gaminoz3602d ago

It's a bit of a strange concept, but superheros are all the rage right now.

Acj23233602d ago

Never really got into these sorts of game, but it looks interesting and the great review showed me this game i would of never took interest in, good work!

darkmurder3602d ago

The game looks very interesting, I just hope that it will be able to save Midway, if not then someone can pick them up so they can continue the franchise.