Home suffering instant connection issues

Multiple users are complaining that they're unable to access the now-launched PlayStation Home.

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Simon_Brezhnev3602d ago

same here even tho i been had home i mean im not surprise everybody downloading and trying to get on at one time i guess there is a lot of hype for it :)

NegativeCreep4273602d ago

Where are you guys accessing it from?

Here in the major locales in Los Angeles I haven't seen any problems with Home.

blackbeld3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

i also got this problem ...

edit. at the begin. now it works!!!!!!!

Radiodread3602d ago

this sucks, I hope they fix it soon.

lociefer3602d ago

there's like 7-9 m ppl trying to access it at least , of course shiet is bound to happen ,i think sony is gonna expand the servers capacity or smthin , patience is the key

ThanatosDMC3602d ago

Yup, that's how it was when i got my beta invite. Couldnt download it till 4am in the morning.

Draperc3602d ago

Try telling that to the people who are gonna start saying "IT'S BECAUSE TEH HOMEZ IS BUGGY AND GLITCHY AND SUXORZ! OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!1E LEVEN!!" I'd like to seem them try to sort through close to 14 million psn ids in mere seconds.

BrunoM3602d ago

humm isent it easy to see why these is hapening every one that as a 360 went to buy a ps3 to try home out .. lol no im joking ..
but its easy i mean come on guys theres MILS of people tryint to get in to home so ya ...

gave it time by these time tomorrow it will work good and easy

ofx3603602d ago

im having the same problem. im gonna try it through ethernet

Sayai jin3602d ago

Your right patience is the key. I was in the closed beta for about 2 weeks with only a few connections issues, but since the launch I having the smae problems. So this is definately due to all of the anxious people trying to log into Home. Sony will respond with more servers without a doubt. The only problem I have is why did they wait. They knew Home was long awaited. The new roughly how many people have PSN accounts. They sould have already had enough servers. With that said it is still in beta. It will get better.

@Draperc- 14 million? You do realize those are double and triple accounts made by the same PS3 owner. I have 2 accounts myself. Like the original poster said 7 to 9 million.

Back on topic, I hope the connection is do not last long and everyone is enjoying Home.

GiantEnemyCrab3602d ago

Yeah, right just like the NXE but that didn't stop the $ony zealouts from slinging their poo around like gorillas.

So yes, it's because Home is a buggy freakin mess and PSN sucks. But it's free so you have no right to complain.

Dread3602d ago

I remember how people dumped all over Ms for the stupid christmas lag. But of course now it is perfectly understandable. Sony should get a pass.

I truly think this is not a real problem . With so many users it is expected. Just make sure u apply the same reasonable standads both ways.

Alvadr3602d ago

Seriously your not going to get on today. I tried for about 1/2 hour and just kept getting timed out. Not surprising that its like this.

Im gonna try again sometime tomorrow, its pointless getting frustrated now.

TheDude2dot03602d ago

Isn't the whole point of betas to see if this happens? What's with the complaining?

whoelse3602d ago

Realistically theres probably more like one million trying to log in. Not everyone who has a PSN account is trying to sign in at this very time.

agentace3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

lol i got on 1st time, i guess its just luck

well you pay M$ not to have problem thats why its not ok

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smurfie43602d ago

yeah me too. I think its because of a whole lot of people trying to login at once. That same error code popped up in the k2 beta and one of the devs on the killzone forums said it was a login error.

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