BabyGlitch unveils its new controller toys for the little ones

The BabyGlitch team has presented their new product, controller toys for developing tiny gamers. The toys have moveable joysticks, pushable buttons, and BPA-free silicone. There will be five true-to-shape versions available in nine distinct color combinations. These are specifically designed for new players aged 3+ months to 4 years old.

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Christopher205d ago

That image looks like some kids are about to revolt against their parents.

OtterX203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

They should revolt! this is pretty stupid. I was hoping they were making smaller actual working controllers. The DS4, Dualsense and Nintendo Pro controller are all too big for my 4 year old's hands, but shes at the age where she's actually playing games not pretending. I think real gaming parents want to get their kids involved in gaming not just distract them.

*She started with using the motion control steering wheel for Mario Kart 8 at around 20 months. Using a fake controller for a kid older than 2 is just insulting their intelligence. :P

Inverno204d ago

This doesn't work. Doesn't take a kid long before they realize that all the clicking and moving and what's happening on screen doesn't add up then they become even more annoying lol

theindiearmy204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

I think you're looking at this the wrong way. It's not meant to trick the kids into thinking they are playing the game. It's just a way for them to be engaged and spark their imagination. It's no different than any other children's toy emulating an adult-version of something. From classic pretend telephone toys, to pretend store checkout stands and tool benches, to Power Wheels. The children know they aren't really driving a car, making wood furniture, or calling someone on the phone. Who cares? They are having fun, it gets their imagination sparking, and gets them engaging in doing something they see their parents doing.

EvertonFC204d ago

You may aswel give them one of the broken fifa rage controllers to hold 😂🤣 this won't sell and be another failed kickstarter.
Like someone above said kids ain't stupid especially 4 year olds, they'll soon catch on its mummys or daddys controller that is actually working which would make this pretend kids controller obsolete within minutes of being in the house lol.

slowgamer203d ago

Or for those non gamer persons who slam randomly buttons lika a madman and you watch as your only controller gets abused.

BrainSyphoned203d ago

Great for teaching your kids to chew on electronic devices.

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