Skydance New Media Joins Forces with Marvel Entertainment to Create an All-New Interactive Title

Skydance New Media, the new interactive division of Skydance Media helmed by award-winning writer and director Amy Hennig, announced today a partnership with Marvel Entertainment to develop a narrative-drive, blockbuster action-adventure game, featuring a completely original story and take on the Marvel Universe.

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ColtPSSX990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Interesting, honestly I like DC better, I wonder if MS is looking into it since Sony pretty much got Marvel.

Idc who makes it, I just want a DC story driven game

Sonyslave3990d ago

Sony only got 2 games exclusive =sony got marvel lol Ms dont need to buy anything Batman need to be play by all gamers.

ColtPSSX990d ago

Sony has 2 more then anyone else.
Also they have a pretty good relationship.

I’m not saying buy DC, but make a game about it. They can make it multi if they want idc I just want a game based in the dc universe

Christopher990d ago

I really wish people would not drag this into console discussion when Marvel has a ton of developers working on games for them on tons of platforms.

Kabam, Raw Thrills, Netmarble, FoxNext, Scopely, Team Ninja/Nintendo, Insomniac/Playstation, Crystal Dynamics/SquareEnix, Eidos Montreal/SquareEnix, Firaxis/2k, etc.

RaidenBlack990d ago

Yea ... I also want WB to grant DC license to studios outside of WB Games.

myfathersbastard990d ago

WB litteraly owns DC. So there’s not much chance any development studios outside of the company are getting their hands on any DC IP.

Darkborn990d ago

I still feel like Warner bros is getting the DC games.

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XxSPIDEYxX990d ago

The legendary Amy Hennig. Nothing more needs to be said.

porkChop990d ago

- Amy Hennig
- Narrative-driven
- Original Marvel story

Yeah, I'm in.

ArmorOfGod989d ago

Even if that story is based on Squirrel Girl? Lol. Woke Marvel sucks.

-Foxtrot989d ago

Oh finally Amy Hennig is back in the game, she's great

I wonder what hero she will do, I mean I know they said original but I'm guessing that just means a new Universe, not related to anything else out there.

Would be awesome if she did the Punisher

KillBill989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

Capt. Marvel is my guess.

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Chocoburger1d 22h ago (Edited 1d 22h ago )

THPS 3 & 4 canceled for Diablo II Remake, and now Crash 5 canceled, too? Ah yes, we need to focus only on Call of Duty, that's the Activision way.

GamerRN19h ago

It's a shame, we need more games like THPS, Crash and Spyro

Michiel198916h ago

diablo 2 deserved a remake over thps 3 and 4, that's for sure and it's one of the best remakes I ever seen. Diablo 2 was still being played after 20 years, thps 3 and 4 weren't and never will.

We already got the thps 1+2 remake so I'm not sure what you want. 2 games that weren't better than their previous entry or an entry that's better than what came before and after.

CrashMania1d 21h ago (Edited 1d 21h ago )

This is massive shame, especially after recently learning that the NST sold a massive 20 million copies, and 4 sold a better than previously thought 5 million copies, which would have sold more imo if it was priced a tad lower and along side current gen console launch.

Profchaos1d 10h ago

Absolutely if it was a launch game for ps5 I would of picked it up day 1 without hesitation. But I recall when it launches having so many other games to get through I couldn't justify adding more

Amplitude1d 15h ago (Edited 1d 15h ago )

This is likely a result of that awful microtransaction fueled non-free-to-play and non-advertised Crash Team Rumble predictably failing