The A-Z of Halo 3

Everything you ever wanted to know about Halo 3.

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calderra4903d ago


-Blood Gulch > Valhalla, it's the level showing the Mongoose that's been tied to the Mancannon.

-There will be no other SPARTANs in the game. Didn't we already live down this crap in the lead-up to Halo 2? The games are about Chief and Chief alone.

-The shot of the ATV in the water is a Photoshop, for those keeping score. The Lens Flare is straight outta the filters section.

-Bungie shot down the idea of playable Brutes... at least in Campaign. Seeing them playable in multi is also very unlikely, and Marines even moreso. It's nice wishful thinking, but probably not happ'nin. Now playable Flood for the Zombies gametype can happen- Flood based on the elites in Halo 2 even had a tiny bit of shield left. It could happen.

PS360PCROCKS4903d ago

Haha I don't know HALF lf what that guys talking about, I think I might need to rent or buy Halo 2 and try it out since I plan on getting Halo 3

chitown4903d ago

wtf u never played halo2, the best game for xbox?????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????

PureGamer4903d ago

then obviously you are a cynial old man. Halo 2 was no where near as good as the first one, and Doom 3 p00ned the halo's.