How Star Ocean: The Divine Force Can Reinstate the Franchise's Reputation

Star Ocean has been in a slump for a long time, and the newly revealed entry The Divine Force could finally put the series back on top.

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Servbot4183d ago

The character designs are already a joke. How can they think these even look acceptable, SO3 character designs are better than these and that was a PS2 game from over a decade ago.

justadelusion83d ago

surely it has got to be better than the last game, but its not looking like it..

NeoGamer23283d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Agreed. Star Ocean is fading. It was once a great franchise but it continues to move south.

And the trailer for the new game did it no favors.

JSusie583d ago

Making it more of an action game is a terrible idea. The genre is already bloated with games who can do it far better than SO will.

This game looks so awful. I hope I'm wrong.

pietro121280d ago

SO has always been an action oriented series and SO4 had the best gameplay especially when it comes to the perry system. The battle system isn't the problem, it's everything else.

addictedtochaos83d ago

Only way to even begin to repair the franchise’s reputation is to retcon SO3.

DarkZane83d ago

Why? That plot twist didn't even matter in the end since everything worked out perfectly. They could even make a game that happen after 3 and it wouldn't matter since they didn't disapear in the end.

pietro121280d ago

The SO games always have decent to great gameplay, but man when it comes to story and characters they really drop the ball.