Square Enix Reveals Gorgeous Terra Figure from Final Fantasy VI & It'll Likely Be Expensive

Today Square Enix announced something that will make Final Fantasy VI fans either celebrate or cry if they cannot afford it.

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shauzy456d ago

can you type how much instead of misleading and clickbaiting with the title

CosmicTurtle456d ago

Price has not been announced. A comparable figure went for $3100. So to be fair I don’t think it is clickbaity, including a price for different item in the title would have been confusing:

BrainSyphoned456d ago

No, they can't. They stated in the article the last NieR figure in this product line was $3100 but that this one isn't priced yet.

djl3485456d ago ShowReplies(2)
SDuck456d ago

This a resin statue with different Terra's or one of those extremely detailed action figures that you can pose around?

leahcim456d ago

A modern masterpiece that must be shown in museums.

specialguest456d ago

I wish SE would make a FF6 remake. I don't even need the level of graphics like FF7 remake. Something in the PS3 level is fine to me