Resident Evil 3 Silently Receives List of Unannounced Updates

The rumors of an enhanced edition of Resident Evil 3 Remake reach another milestone with a host of updates for the game.

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autobotdan84d ago

Update it to Silent Hill the Return

Levii_9284d ago

Wait what ? WHAT ? Oh please yes, please let there be a director’s cut or whatever in the works ! We need it !

-Foxtrot83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I hope so but it needs to be full on directors cut where the cut is almost completely dfferent to the original and by that I mean they've added in the rest of the content they cut from the PS1 RE3 Nemesis.

New locations (clock tower / police station with Jill, graveyard, park, factory ), puzzles, enemies, choices, Nemesis to be redone to appear randomly in some areas, open some areas up to feel like I'm walking around in a city in ruin, bring Barry back, mercenaries, alternative costumes

Would be get that? God no...but we can dream

Levii_9283d ago

Man i would be happy if we got just a bit more content and new stuff and at least the whole clock tower part of the original game... and maybe more of the city like it was in the original. More Nemesis stuff as well. I would cry tears of joy for all this.

SimpleSlave83d ago

Is one of them an Update to my bank account? Say, $40? Since I payed full price, I think it's only fair.

Just saying. 👍

Atomicjuicer83d ago

I loved it and would happily pay for DLC (not multiplayer).

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