Diablo 2 Resurrected: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S/Switch Analysis - A Worthy Remaster of a PC Classic?

Digital Foundry : An all-time PC great is revived on modern consoles old and new - with even Switch receiving the spoils. All deliver revamped 3D visuals layered over the original 2D sprite-work, with the same mechanics in place from its 2000 design. Best of all - we can toggle between the classic visuals and the new remaster styling. But which ultimately looks and plays best? Tom and Alex discuss.

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Cueil84d ago

Basicly the same unless you have a Switch...

Interloper84d ago

the 30 FPS at 4k for the Series X is laughable. I mean... c'mon, you play ARPGs at 60 FPS MINIMUM.

agnosticgamer84d ago

Pathetic console warrior both the PS5 and Xbox Series X run exactly the same... So it's laughable for the Series X, but for the PS5 it's the norm or completely acceptable? At least try not to be a complete and purchased fanboy.

Interloper83d ago

I didn't say anything about the Ps5... so who is precisely the fanboy when I was only talking about the Series X cause that's the system I currently own.

agnosticgamer83d ago


Sure... and someone would know that by reading your comment? I don't think so...

_Decadent_Descent84d ago

Rather disappointing. I would expect PS5 & XSX to hit 4k 60fps pretty easily.

NotoriousWhiz84d ago

I'm sure the "can't connect to server error" is the same on all consoles lol.