Ubisoft has delayed The Division Heartland and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake

Both games will now arrive in the fiscal year ending in March 2023, as will Rocksmith+…

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deleted693d ago

Good, Prince of Persia Remake looked horribly insulting to the original, like a 4k paintjob slapped on maybe a PS3 era game. This is a good sign though to have such a huge pushback. Maybe they're completely overhauling the visual style based on the negative feedback. Hopefully it doesn't get stuck in development hell. I do want to play it! I just want to see it get the remake treatment it deserves, because Sands of Time is such a classic. :)

Darkborn693d ago (Edited 693d ago )

But isn't that what half the users on here preach, 4k is better than graphics? I just hope they actually do this game justice.

Snakeeater25693d ago

They must need more time to work to make the visual look like ps4 lol

CrimsonWing69693d ago

I don't want to come off mean sounding, but I have 0 interest in either of these games. I think the only game I want from Ubisoft is a true Splinter Cell game and I'm curious what Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be like. Other than that, I hate almost everything this company pukes out.

kryteris693d ago (Edited 693d ago )

better be xgen exclusive now.

Npugz7693d ago

Enough with these damn remakes already!

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The Division Heartland: Closed Beta Community Update

The Closed Beta Test for The Division Heartland starts on June 27.


The Division 2 Gets Year 5 Roadmap While Heartland Is Still in Testing Phase

In The Division day, The Division 2 received a detailed Year 5 roadmap. Ubisoft also shared updates about Heartland and Resurgence.

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MehmetAlperTR154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

I've got error when i tried to download games on my ubisoft connect account ( PC ) .. Microsoft Visual C++ error. It's fatal error can't download any game on my library. Literally my accounts are dead right now. Anyone is getting same error ? Checked the internet and tried everything including clean format. But no use on Windows 11 Pro ( licenced ) .. Strange thing is i reported the issue to the ubisoft last saturday and they didn't turn back yet!!!

P_Bomb154d ago

Man that sucks! Did some co-op today but on console. Hope you can get back on.


The Division Heartland Gameplay Explored in Dev Diary; Cinematic Intro & New Screens Released

Ubisoft has given us our first look The Division Heartland gameplay in a new dev diary, and there's also screenshots and a cinematic trailer too.

P_Bomb155d ago

Did I hear that correctly? PvP comes on at night? You can’t opt out? I mean, I like Dark Zones but…not all the time. 🤔

HyperMoused155d ago

If thats true im out, the DZ was the single most hated piece of game idea i can think of, you needed to be there to get powerful but it was just full of gank squads and the most horrible actual humans i ever encountered. i rememeber one squad that would wait until a flare went up and then their squad would just run to the evac point and drop everyone and steal their stuff, and they were OP so nothing you could do. anyway thats my rant F the DZ and PvP in this game

P_Bomb155d ago

I feel ya, I’ve had that happen to me too. I’ve had some good extractions as well but I’d prefer to be in control of when/where I decide to DZ. I don’t wanna be forced to eat #%^* on the daily, lol.

KyRo154d ago

No, The Darkzone was the reason so many still play D1 to this day. It was an extraction mode before the mode was even made popular. The DZ was not the only place you could earn powerful loot either? Did you enter there before the end game?

Ra3030154d ago

I thought Ubisoft was done with Division 2....this is good to know.