Can You Have A Truly Great Survival Horror Game Without Puzzles?

A lack of puzzles in modern survival horror games has left a hexagon crank-shaped hole in Frank's heart. But do truly great horror games need these aging tropes?

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Christopher80d ago

Fast & Furious Crossroads had no puzzles and that was a horrorble game I survived.

dead_pixels80d ago

Thanks for that. My coffee tasted so much better as it was jettisoned from my sinuses and onto my laptop screen. :D

sourOG80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Why would you even want a RE game without puzzles?

Millennial: puzzles are aging tropes lmao

CrimsonWing6980d ago

yes, the puzzles aren't the survival or horror parts of these games. Now, I will admit that I personally love the old-school obtuse puzzles and back tracking situations of Resident Evil, but no, it's not mandatory.

dead_pixels80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Of course, they're not horror nor survival, but nobody can argue that puzzles haven't been a massive part of the genre's appeal since its earliest days. I'm right there with you, though, especially regarding the intentionally obtuse puzzles. The feeling of satisfaction that comes when the idea finally clicks in your head (usually long after you've put the controller down and are in the middle of something else), is fantastic.

During my time with Tormented Souls, there were so many occasions where I'd stopped playing and been in the middle of doing errands around town or something, when the solution would suddenly hit me. I'd rush home and fire up my PS5 to test some wild solution I'd thought of and be amazed when it actually worked. Moments like that are the absolute best.

Welshy80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Puzzles are there as a gameplay representation of the challenges your character is coming across in the game. Without that down time between combat and scares it would get monotonous real fast in most survival horror games.

Sometimes that down time or time spent doing puzzles is the most effective part of the horror since you're wondering when the scares are going to come back or some is going to attack you.


Yeah, probably. I think Alien Isolation did a fine job avoiding puzzles, unless you count the hacking mini games (I wouldn’t, because those differ from true RE puzzles)

isarai80d ago

Good point, i was gonna say it might feel kinda empty, but Alien Isolation pulled it off pretty well actually, also Dead space was pretty minimal on puzzles too now that i think about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.