PlayStation Plus November 2021: Knockout City, First Class Trouble, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

PS VR titles The Persistence, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Standard Edition, and Until You Fall also launch November 2.

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OtterX83d ago

3 amazing PSVR titles, if you do not already own them... some of the best!

Neonridr83d ago

I'll check out The Persistence for sure. I already have The Walking Dead for my Index.

VenomUK83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

It's a hard no from me. Literally I'm not interested in playing any of the games and I might not even put them on my download list as I don't want to see crap I won't play in my library.

EDIT: Let me add I would play the PSVR games but Sony didn't send me the PS5 camera attachment despite two months of weekly phone calls to PlayStation UK support so I gave up and sold it.

SullysCigar83d ago

^ @VenomUK, those 3 games are top rated classics. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is one of the top VR games ever created.

Download them ready for PSVR2, my friend, don't miss out!

SurgicalMenace83d ago

Well thank you for your contribution Mr. Venom, I'm sure that no one is not going to play these games because of what happened to you. Fitting name though.😁

VenomUK82d ago

@SullysCigar Yes, I will download them! I will be getting PSVR2/NGVR at launch so hopefully all the first-gen games will run on it or get a patch.

@SurgicalMenace I wasn't trying to persuade anybody to not download them, just expressing my opinion. But you're right, the name is fitting because I spit venom. Pssttt. Psstt. PSSTTT.

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-Ghost83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Looking forward to playing them. I'd like to add that you don't need a PS VR to play The Persistance.

OtterX83d ago

Very good point, and they released a PS5 upgrade recently too!

Neonridr83d ago

so you are saying you can play it in 2D is what you mean?

OtterX83d ago

@Neonridr exactly, a flat screen version was added later after release, free of charge.

Petebloodyonion82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Indeed the PSVR version includes the flat screen update so it should work too.

Yui_Suzumiya82d ago

True that.. The Persistence is on the Switch after all. I was interested until I heard it's just as difficult as Dark Souls.

Neonridr82d ago

@OtterX - thanks, that's good to know.

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CR7JUVE189783d ago

For the first time in what seems like forever, I don't have any of these games, so this is good from my perspective.

AnotherGamer83d ago

I really need to get a psvr.

robtion83d ago

Yep i'm waiting for psvr 2 before I take the plunge.

FlavorLav0183d ago

If you’re a fan of open world ARPGs, Kingdoms of Amalur was a under appreciated golden goose of an experience for its time. Highly recommended if your an old Fable fan like I was

SlothLordPootus83d ago

I've been wanting to play Kingdoms of Amalur since it came out 10 years ago. So that's a welcome addition for me.

NecrumOddBoy83d ago

It’s really great. It’s definitely a classic style of ARPG but fun and has great combat. Not brutal and lots to do. I enjoy the high fantasy meets Irish-brood in the game.

darthv7283d ago

I played it on the 360 and thought it was really well made, regardless of all the controversy.

SullysCigar83d ago

What was the controversy surrounding Kingdoms of Amalur? I missed it and never played it to discover it for myself. Heard good things only, I believe.

darthv7283d ago

@sully... it just had a lot of troubled development despite it being a really good game. Check out the vid for more info:

SullysCigar83d ago

I had no idea - thanks for the link!

Yui_Suzumiya82d ago

Hell yes.. I'm getting it for Switch. Played it on PS3 back in the day. It's a shame what happened with the company going under.

Teflon0282d ago

I'm just curious, why do switch owners always do that? Sure you'll see it once in a while from a PS and Xbox owner, but it's so common amongst the Switch community to be on any post and just specifically say I'm getting this for switch. At this point it just seems like switch owners want to be noticed as switch owners which makes no sense since it sells great so there's nothing unique about saying that lol

Yui_Suzumiya80d ago

I'm getting it for PS4 as well.. I've been a PS gamer since the first came out but I skipped every generation of Nintendo after N64 up until I got a Switch earlier this year. I prefer having a game for both PS4 and Switch. One that's more powerful ona large TV and one to play on a handheld.

Nakiro83d ago

Looks like a solid month. I've heard a lot of praise for each one of those PSVR games.

I remember really enjoying Kingdom of Amalur back when it originally came out.

LucasRuinedChildhood83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

PS Plus was on a roll for a long while (around a year for me) but the games for August and October were particularly bad, making this month look worse than it actually is.

Knockout City and Kingdoms of Amalur are good games but 2 multiplayer focused games is too much - First Class Trouble seems like a poor choice.

I'm hoping for something a bit bigger like Mafia Definitive Edition and/or The Pathless for December because we were getting bangers like that earlier on in the year. I primarily use PS Plus for the games.

lipton10182d ago

Hell let Loose was one of the best ps plus offerings I’ve seen in a while. It’s not for everyone but it was absolutely incredible

SullysCigar83d ago

Don't be sad, just get PS Plus and enjoy awesome games like the rest of us! ;^p

SurgicalMenace83d ago

You know you can just purchase what's not given for free too, right?