TGR: Prince of Persia review


"For all its whiz-bang effects, Ubisoft Montreal's renovation of the classic platforming saga takes as many steps backwards as it does forwards. The graphics are gorgeous, the controls are spot on, the combat is exciting, the setpieces are spectacularly over-the-top, and the new cast shows promise. It's just a shame that Ubisoft only utilized these improvements for a simple, retro collect-athon. My mind tells me this lazy game design is worth no more than a 7, but I enjoyed it like a 9, so I'm following my gut and going with that. Even if it is just a collect-athon, it's still among the most spectacular collect-athons I've had the pleasure of playing. Sure, there's a lot of untapped potential, but moment for moment, Prince of Persia was the most fun I've had with a game in a long time, and that's why we play games, isn't it? To have fun? So go out there and have some fun now, will ya?"

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predator3602d ago

Im looking forward to playing this soon