IGN: Official Dragonball the movie Trailer in HD

Here's the complete real trailer of Dragonball: Evolution movie.

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Danja3599d ago

where did they spend the 110 million dollars ??

being a huge DBZ fan im really disappointed just by watching the trailer.. :(

The Dark Knight3599d ago

Just watch Matrix 4 trailer?

hay3599d ago

I... I... I'm... Speechless... This movie will suck big time... Even the trailer sucks, damn!
But first 27 seconds are pretty cool...
I'm going now... To remove this painful experience from my mind...

SaiyanFury3599d ago

This movie is going to blow harder than a category 5 hurricane. OK Piccolo is supposed to be green and have antennae. In the movie he's grey and has no antennae. He looks more like the Djinn from Wishmaster more than a Namekian. If the TV series Enterprise's Andorians can have moving antennae then why can't a high budget movie? Just something I've been wondering.

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DA_SHREDDER3600d ago

This video just ruined every expectation I had for the movie next year. Its not even worth a rental.

Danja3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago ) surprised....^.^

Live Action DBZ movie >>> Epic Box Office Disaster

Sayai jin3599d ago

Yeah, I am afraid that they screwed this adaptation up. These guys probaly never watched DB, DBZ, or DB GT.

qface643600d ago

i knew it i knew it i knew it screw you hollywood

Cajun Chicken3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Is by far the best character actor I have ever seen, his hawaiian shirt makes up for the fact that he is playing a character who is supposed to be much older, bald, have a large white moustache and a bit of a beard and large sunglasses.
The costume designer for Mr Yun-Fat's portrayal of Master Roshi is just SUBLIME compared to the piled up make up to enable James Marsters to look like some bizzare version of Piccolo and genius on behalf of the EXQUISITE writing team who have changed pretty much most of the series and franchises mythology and making Bulma a gun-toting bullet-time queen is a strike of genius that totally deviates from the original source, which is vastly improved.

And Goku looks like a t**t.

Max Power3599d ago

he is also a dirty old perv.

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The story is too old to be commented.