Xbox outsells PS3 2:1 while PS3 has better exclusive lineup


"I wonder what console will have the killer lineup in 2009 - will it be the year of the Xbox 360 or the PS3? Also, what highly anticipated games are you looking forward to in 2009? Make sure to catch the 2008 Video Game Awards show this Sunday on Spike TV, presented by Gametrailers. For those who do not have access to Spike TV, don't worry as I will put up the winners along with my take on the results here on Gamer.Blorge."

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jazzking20013598d ago

this sure is not the case in Japan
ps3 is out selling the 360 3 to 1
in the last few weeks

Chicken Chaser3598d ago

Japan sales are tiny compared to NA sales

cmrbe3598d ago

is like UK. 400K consoles(wii,x360,PS3) a month is not tiny.

Chicken Chaser3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Nobody is talking about the wii the article tittle

and PS3 (30k) and XBOX 360 (10k) weekly sales in Nov JPN are TINY compared to weekly sales of this 2 consoles all over the world considering this is all japan we are talking about

cmrbe3598d ago

first you say NA and now the whole world?. The article is only refereing to NA. Last month the PS3 sold about 50K a week average in NA with 30K for Japan this week. Don't use words that you don't fully understand.

Chicken Chaser3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Everyone knows JPN numbers are tiny compared to US and EU

"PS3 sold about 50K a week average in NA with 30K for Japan this week."

Thats exactly why you can't compare sales from DIFFERENT months...ps3 had poor sales last month in NA

Compare weekly sales from NA this japan NOV weekly sales ( 30k week ) ..and you'll know ..Japan sales are small compared to NA..and even EU

cmrbe3598d ago

So now its small and not tiny?. Small Yes. Tiny No. That's my point. Get it.

Chicken Chaser3598d ago

SMALL -bantam, diminutive, lilliputian, midget, petite, (**** tiny *****), flyspeck
thanks to

but whatevery you say man ..whatever you say

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3598d ago

These Contributors, contributor crap day in day out!!! ;-D

Gamers site MY @SS!!!

Come on SONY price cut please and end the xBox 360 forever!!! ;-P
(Oh i mean a big price cut, but i know they can't do a big price cut just yet, shame that, oh well)

earwax3598d ago

Thats like saying "thats not the case in Texas"

karlostomy3597d ago

chicken chaser reliably pwned crmbe!

then again... not that difficult.

ravinshield3597d ago

ps3rd is just embarrasing

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360 man3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

in europe 360 is absalutely destroying the ps3 even more so

LarVanian3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Go away and come back with a link. Fix your grammar while you are at it. Also, learn to spell.

Tiberium3598d ago

The droids will never give in to defeat.Just remember, whoever wins North America, wins the generation. The ps3 might have better exclusives for this year, but $199 is more reasonable. And microsoft is working on something big. Whether it's a handheld or the xbox 720 or another "killer app."Whatever it is they have good reason to keep it a secret.

cmrbe3598d ago

The war is only just started to heat up and NA is not the only battle ground.

I will only concede defeat if the x360 reaches 90 million sold which is the number either console maker should reach to achieve outright victory. Note that last gen userbase was around 160-170 million. This gen is expected to expand to close to 200 million console owners.

LarVanian3598d ago

Really? Tell me this, when exactly did the console war end dumbass?

3sq3598d ago

Good then don't buy PS3 then. As for xbox360 It'll destroy itself (RROD) heheh you just got own huh?

Magic_The_Celt3598d ago


i guess thats why PS3 has sold at least 2 million more units than the 360 in europe even though it launched a year after the 360.

OUCH that has to sting

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Simon_Brezhnev3598d ago

wonder why microsoft so worried about sony price

360 man3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

dere not

dere actually amazed sony hasnt done anything to respond and counter attack them

sony will be the downfall of the playstation 3


And while the ps3 price is triple the cost of a 360.!!!!!!!

360 man3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

yh dats wat microsoft want u to think

its called marketing

once u buy the arcade, ur now gonna want to buy a hardrive and then buy a headset and then 1 year subscription and if need be a wireless adapter.

and then wen u put it all together u got the same price as the ps3

buy breaking it all up microsoft makes it seem that its the cheaper console wen in reality its not

and that my friends is real talk

3598d ago
360 man3598d ago


ps3= £299
360 arcade = £150

arcade £150
60 GB starter pack £60
wireless adapter £60
1 year subscription £40

Total = £310

take into consideration ps3 also has a built in blu ray player

darkequitus3598d ago

60gig 360+Gears 1&2, far cry 2, + wireless controller =£198


Conan9973598d ago

"sony will be the downfall of the playstation 3"

Sony will be the downfall? As apposed to the Microsoft PlayStation3 thats doing really well.

Wrong thing to blame.

kwicksandz3597d ago

When you can get an arcade for as low as $238 and the ps3 is still going for $688, im sure sony isnt surprised they are being outsold. Cut the price and at least they can compete with stand alone blueray players again.

gaffyh3597d ago

360 man, you're a retard. The Arcade costs £129.99. And you can get a 60GB bundle with Gears 1,2, Far cry 2, Extra wireless controller, and a play and charge kit for £199.99 from Gamestation.

Stop spouting bullsh*t.

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The gaming GOD3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

When the price of the ps3 comes down or even equals the 360's price, then we will see who is the one getting outsold.

This has nothing to do with a system "not having games" like you people love to say because the Wii gets away with having like 4 months of shovelware before a good game comes out. And their system still outsells their competitors easily.

It's all about price. And yes I know the 360's cheapest model is a little cheaper than the Wii. But be serious, not THAT many want the 360 stripped down like that model is.

WANNA GET HIGH3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Buy looking at ur name "360 man"there is no point in me giving u a reasonable reply.Just go play ur gears2 and when ur ready to be a gamer not a fan boy then i can respond.

dkp233598d ago

People are not going to shell out $600, $500, $400 for a PS3...especially now....

drewdrakes3598d ago

Completely agreed. I have the money, I don't want to shell out 400 bucks and then have to buy games, and a headset. Someone did point out saving 150 bucks getting a Sony CC card...but I'm in Canada so that doesn't fly.

Anon19743598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

dkp23 said "Well looks like Sony was wrong
People are not going to shell out $600, $500, $400 for a PS3."

Where have you been? The PS3 has moved 17 million consoles at that price over 2 years and has been neck and neck with the 360 for sales since it was launched. In two years at a lower price the 360 had only sold 13 million. You can say people aren't going to pay that price...but they're doing it right now.

evrfighter3598d ago

Times are rough now. Sony better wise up, no college kid makin it on his own w/o mom and dads help is gonna shell out the cash to buy a ps3. The middle class moms and dads that get by but have a decent house is gonna wanna shell out the cash for a ps3 in these times.

The economy is only gonna get worse before it gets better and people WILL go the route of who provides entertainment at the cheapest cost. Regardless of where their loyalties lie.

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Graphics Whore3598d ago

Following the data trend over the year the PS3 is still outselling the Xbox 360 world wide, even in NA it's not 2:1, I'm wondering where these statistics are coming from.

Honestly 2008 was sketchy for Microsoft, but they knew how to play the game, the dropped the price of there console because they know their line-up was really not going to hold up. Hats off to them.

ry-guy3598d ago

Sony isn't doing much better. This was supposed to be their slam dunk year.

MGS4 and LBP are good games but this was the year we were supposed to see a slew of "killer apps" for the PS3. Just like 2007 was supposed to be. And just like 2009 is being claimed to be.

Graphics Whore3597d ago

PS3 has an untouchable Year this year in 2008, otherwise game quality wise it was really poor for Microsoft.