Amazon Slashes Up To 70% Off On Select PS5 & PS4 Games

Daily Video Game writes: "There's a new range of select games Amazon is offering right now for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 gamers, slashing up to 70% off on select titles such as Deathloop, Resident Evil Village, and more for a limited time!"

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OptimusDK36d ago

Why these articles - they are junk. The titles mentioned are never discounted anywhere near the 70%.
Click bait at its worst

CrimsonWing6936d ago

Yea it's the wording "up to" 70% off and the stuff that is 70% off is kind of meh.

I do appreciate the heads up so I wouldn't say these are junk articles.

Smok9136d ago

I mean, it says “up to 70% off”. I never assume it’s the best games in the sale that are that much off.

staticall35d ago

Yup, it's beyond ridiculous at this point, look at the author's submissions, 15 of the articles (27 on that page, more than half) are «Amazon discounts up to X on Y» and all of the links have referrer in them (hiding via shortener). This should be counted as ads/spam, plain and simple.

Ethereal36d ago

$40 for Deathloop is a steal. Pick that up if you haven't already.

fitofficial36d ago

Eh, based on my limited experience so far I'd call $15 or 20 a steal. $40 is pretty average.

Ethereal36d ago

Proof that perceived value can vary from person to person. ;)

jznrpg35d ago

If you wait until Black Friday it will be dirt cheap

ArmorOfGod35d ago

Black Friday, eh? What’re you saying? RACIST

fitofficial36d ago

I grabbed Deathloop yesterday. So far it's pretty generic. Not a fan of the writing or any of the characters yet (I'm probably just going to end up muting the voice volume and leaving subs on), and the gameplay seems a little hollow. Neat concept though and hoping it improves as it goes.

melons36d ago

I get that people may not like it but beyond baffled that people think it's generic.

Ethereal35d ago

It's most certainly not for everyone and I can understand that the gameplay loop (literally) is obtuse and hasn't really been done before so it may not resonate with everyone.

Couldn't agree more though, it is anything but generic.

fitofficial35d ago

As far as shooters go it feels insanely generic. The controls don't feel super tight and it has that familiar sort of airy, unpolished Bethesda 1st person control feel.

So far there's nothing really crazy innovative that it does gameplay-wise. I don't know what's baffling about that. It's not great and not terrible; just very middle of the road.