New Character for Final Fantasy XIII?

GOONL!NE: "So, a couple of scans from Dengeki's "Cloud Message" have leaked already and yet it seems that there is something interesting in the works already concerning Final Fantasy XIII.

In a scan in the magazine (shown after the jump), a concept image is shown of a character who hasn't been seen yet, it's pretty much confirmed by the fact the image is blurred.

And by the looks of it, it ain't Lightning, Snow or Pigtails Girl."

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Edge Maverick3599d ago

That's our one piece of info for the year folks! Enjoy!

kittoo3598d ago

Just WTF SquareEnix thinks? That we are all so hyped for this game that when they tell us that there is a new character we all will go nanners and start f*cking our dogs?
Wake up SE. If you want to create some real hype and not make fool of yourself, show the gameplay and make sure its good.

lordgodalming3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

You know what, though? They say "break damage limit" and suddenly I'm a little more excited again. Means no more crappy 5-hour Yiazmat fights (unless they have a boss with 500 million HP o_0). And breaking the damage limit also reminds me that the dev team behind FFXIII also made my favortie, FFX.

Damn you, Square, and your delicious tidbits of information that could end up not being true anyway!

Johnny Cullen3599d ago

I'd wait till Saturday till you jump to that conclusion ;)

LarVanian3598d ago

Anybody else see the in-game shots of FFvs13? (Very small shots though)
Nobody seemed to care when they were posted today.

Johnny Cullen3598d ago

I was quite surprised to see that, I thought it would make a bigger fuss, despite the size of the screens.

soul899er3598d ago

That's probably because everyone is at the NPD threads with their console wars so news like this never interest them unless it's PR about 360 or something like that, it's ridiculous -_-

Johnny Cullen3598d ago

Na, it was posted long before the influx of NPD, Home or even Heavy Rain stories.

soul899er3598d ago

Oh... Then maybe the hype was lost with the Multiplaydorm thing maybe? If it was a Versus only article this wouldve gotten more attention since it's exclusive and all. :(

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DiabloRising3598d ago


Hey Square, wanna like... show the goddamn game already?

Matix3598d ago

Hah! Adding a NEW character to the clusterf*** of characters in FF? Wouldn't that be a hoot :D

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