Only Nintendo Could Screw Up Emulation Of Its Own Games

It shouldn't be hard for a company like Nintendo to respect its own legacy.

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SullysCigar30d ago

Something's definitely wrong when the best place to play Nintendo games is PC. Nintendo used to be synonymous with quality, but that legacy is seemingly being abused but the current management.

They need positive change - and fast - or the world will start to notice and their golden goose will eventually stop laying.

Old McGroin29d ago

Glad I didn't waste money on that mess. They really are all about minimum effort for maximum profit these days.

ActualWhiteMan29d ago

The greedy bastards should have just made an N64 Classic.

Limitedtimestruggle29d ago

I'm sure they would f'cked that one up as well.

Ray_moondo29d ago

seriously. enjoy them hardly making any and them being impossible to find

JEECE29d ago

I see what you mean. But Sony did the same with the Playstation Classic, unfortunately.

darthv7229d ago

I was going to say using 50hz games for the classic mini ranks right up there. Nothing against them in PAL territories but outside of EU its all pretty much 60hz NTSC.

Fntastic29d ago

The issue with 50Hz was mostly the devs fault for not changing game speed, so most games ended up slower.

It was only when Dreamcast arrived that we got a choice of 50 or 60Hz which solved the issue completely, or if you played on handheld or PC.

luckytrouble29d ago

And Sony got dragged over the coals for it. Bad press, bad sales, practically couldn't give the PlayStation Classic away. Yet I'm sure people are robotically tossing money at Nintendo for this mess, bad press be damned.

JEECE29d ago

There is that aspect of it.

Hofstaderman29d ago

Unless you mod it then it becomes a fun toy to mess with. Also add a 8bit Do wireless adaptor to hook a ps4 controller. It then becomes the ultimate JRPG machine.

Nakiro29d ago

Nintendo's shares have dropped a bit recently, I feel like they might be going into panic mode and are making poor decisions.

They should have just waited till it was ready to be launched.

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The story is too old to be commented.