Xbox Series X|S Sales Reach 8 Million & Game Pass Climbs Above 20 Million

The Xbox Series X|S has now sold 8 million units and Game Pass subscribers have climbed to above 20 million, according to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad.

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Sonyslave340d ago

Thx to game pass i play and beat Like a Dragon Yakuza 7 and scartlet nexus.

VenomUK40d ago

The figure of 8 million sold is an estimate which is based on Microsoft revealing its Xbox hardware sales rose by 166% over the past three months. Whilst I respect analyst Daniel Ahmad's insights I think this one is likely an overestimate.

There has been growth in the last quarter likely fuelled by better availability of hardware but that is not enough data to extrapolate such high sales. As a point of reference it would mean that this is the closest Xbox has been to PlayStation in units sold in a decade, meaning it has 2/3rds of PS5's 12 million sold. The only other data point we have to contradict this is by looking at third party software sales platform percentages in the two biggest markets, USA and UK, here the sales percentage of games sold on PS5 to Xbox is higher.

DJStotty40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

PS5 has sold 13.4 million, not 12

OptimusDK40d ago

What a bunch of armchair expert nonsense.
You are at best guessing based on asumptions that are very backward looking and not very fact based.

darkrider40d ago

Microsoft didn't told nothing yet about gp numbers and that say it all. The last figure was 18 millions.

rlow140d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Okay so beyond your opinion, what proof do you have to back up your claim? The guy is a full time analyst, it’s what he does for a living. I’m sure he has connections that you and I don’t. My point, he is more informed than you or I. Because if the only info he had available to him is what we ourselves have access to, then why even hire him as an analyst?

343_Guilty_Spark40d ago

So you're saying Xbox is doing well. Thank you!

darthv7240d ago

The last VGC numbers had both nearing the next whole million number. PS5 was at 12.9 and Series at 7.9 so its only obvious they both be at 13 & 8 respectfully. VGC track a week behind real time.

We can estimate that by time Series hits 10m, PS5 will be at 16m maybe 17m. The gap increases but not at the rate it did during the xbo ps4 gen. Good job to all three given the global situation with supply issues and people still not going back to work.

thesoftware73040d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Venom, oh, so we should listen to you instead?

Because all of you Guesswork, 'WRONG' PS5 sales and your gaming bias didn't lead you to that asinine conclusion.

Nitrox40d ago

I don’t find it that hard to believe XBox is selling so well this gen. So many people want to get in on next-gen anything. Sure, you got the die hards that would never touch their rival fantasy team’s hardware, but most real gamers dont care or plan to have all of the systems by end of gen anyway.

Had I been able to get my hands on a series X before scoring my PS5 I probably would have. We’ll see what happens to the numbers once supply becomes more available.

VenomUK40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

cross post

Andrew33640d ago

Literally who cares. Why does anyone spend any time arguing for or against estimated sales?

Kavorklestein39d ago

Ever think that's more cuz of Gamepass and not cuz PS5 is "dominator extreme" ?
How about looking at how much $$$ Xbox gamers have to spend vs. PS?

Having a better price or a Better value goes a long way, almost as far as exclusives do.. like, when you factor in that PC is gonna be included more often in BOTH Sony and MS's lineups from now on.

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gamer940d ago

Thanks to game pass I'm playing Back4Blood with friends and having a blast, a game i never would have tried or payed any money for

40d ago
VenomUK40d ago

@thesoftware730 @rlow1
Relax guys, this is not war we're all people who enjoy video games just having a friendly discussion. :)

Rlow: ''what proof do you have to back up your claim?' No claims were made, let me re-explain what I said to make it clearer: In the absence of data as Microsoft doesn't supply figures Daniel Ahmad said Xbox has sold two-thirds of what PlayStation has. There is some data that can either back up OR dispute that claim! That is with new high profile third party games (not on Game Pass) whether the Xbox versions sell roughly 2/3rds of what are sold on PlayStation, if they do then Daniel Ahmad is right. If the Xbox versions sell roughly equal then it means that that Series X/S has sold roughly equal to PS5. If they are at 60% of the PS5 version of the game it means the X/S is roughly at 60% of the PS5 install base. And if the Series X/S version is selling double the PS5 versions than Xbox X/S has sold roughly double PS5.

Another figure to look at is which platform has generated the most in sales revenue.

These two data points are a great way to determine marketshare of the consoles as it's not based on my feelings or your feelings but on data based on actual sales numbers of games sold and revenue made.

rockwhynot39d ago

@gamer9 That's awesome! I'll check out back4blood thank you. It's so kewl how Xbox owns id and also Bethesda now. I can't believe awesome exclusive id tech 7 games and Starfield are coming. I read Bethesda was in need of help developing Starfield so I'm glad they have Xbox Studio's support now.

CBaoth40d ago

So you only tried/played those games thanks to GP? Would you like a gold sticker or a golf clap? No wonder the more HARDWARE MS sells, the less SOFTWARE it sells. Xbox gamers are trained to w8 4 free*

@ venomUK I'll take Daniel Ahmad's estimates ANYDAY over VGgarbage's fake numbers. No doubt by now both companies are securing more chips, more people are going back to work, and demand is still at a premium. My gripe isn't with MS, it's their cheap fanbase that doesn't buy games. The weekly sales charts don't lie.

Petebloodyonion40d ago

And what's your gripe with" their cheap fanbase that doesn't buy games"?

thesoftware73040d ago (Edited 40d ago )

You know that is what the services is for right? to try games, play games, enjoy games, buy games(if you want)

What's it to you that software sales are not as high? they obviously are moving more towards GP sub service. Do you make money off of software sales? You are a gamer, a consumer..why are you worried about a billion $ companies bank account? Almost all major and minor developers put their games on GP, must be a reason, trust is a big bag of money from MS or they get more attention..either way, you, me, gamers benefit from having such a user-friendly, blockbuster filled line-up of games to play.

Just think about your petty argument and negative attitude for just a sec...I would guess you like to play games, and for some reason you feel the need to completely disregard a money saving service that provides a lot of hours of gaming entertainment..why don't you like premium things at low prices? Even if you love another console/platform more. Its really weird attitude when you really think about it.

4Sh0w40d ago (Edited 40d ago )


How are they cheap for not buying games?

I think they are smart for buying a GAME SUBSCRIPTION that's a great value.

Are those who loved the used game market so they could trade in games and not pay full price for a new game also beneath you now?

You act as if the devs won't get paid for their work bc instead of say 8mil units sold they get a fat check from Microsoft upfront *plus 5mil units sold. It's like you guys care more about seeing big numbers than actually understanding different ways to profit & the health of the gaming industry= gaming industry is healthy & growing bc of what the big 3 offer (that's why Google, Amazon, etc want a piece) & more options are almost always better for the consumer.

40d ago
EvertonFC40d ago

There not fake numbers there estimates

strifeblade40d ago

I have over 100 xbox one games, another 100 indie titles and gamepass. Series x, 2 one s. 75 inch samsung q90t. I dont think the fanbase is cheap.

4Sh0w40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

"If you don't buy games, how are devs supposed to keep making them? Beg MS for money by putting their games on Gamepass? "

- Why would they beg MS when they can just sell their game and make COD profits, right?

This is a perefect example of repeating talking points you heard vs a fundamental understanding of business. Let me explain, I'm in the manufacturing business but I'll try to keep it as simple as possible for gaming. Every game has sales projections based on genre, AAA, indie, preorder interest, marketing, historical data, etc whether kept internal or private there is reasonable expectation of profits vs cost to make a game which is why each Gamepass deal behind the scenes is different. Both Microsoft & pubs have this data, risk vs reward, 3rd party pubs are NOT gonna take deal thats well below their profit expectations...WHY WOULD THEY? No they sign on to Gamepass bc they will have a guaranteed profit margin with a big check from Microsoft. If anything its Microsoft who loses in the shorterm bc theres a huge amount of overlap in regards to how much each new Gamepass game will actually increase paid subscriptions but either way Gamepass does not mean devs dont make money. The fact that *some 3rd party games won't sell as many copies bc they are NOT on Gamepass & Xbox gamers were not interested enough to buy them at full price is no different than the competitive gaming market prior to Gamepass where ALL games are competing for our money.

gamer940d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Huh? I buy tons of games at full price, at launch. I also play some games on game pass that i wouldn't pay full price for at launch, and maybe wouldn't try at all. The article has game pass in the title, so people are posting how game pass has been good for them. You're upset about that?

Game pass is supplemental enjoyment, it's not the main course. That's the part you'd understand if you were on xbox and had gamepass

Edit: CBaoth, i'm not gonna pay money for Halo this December, or Starfield next year. And as such, that money i would have spent isn't going to show up in sales numbers. That cool with you? Please add the price of 2 games to your calculations

rockwhynot40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

A gold sticker? Xbox already came up with the idea "achievements." It caught on, even Sony copied with "trophies" later. I think gamer9 mentioned what games he's/she's playing to discuss them on this gaming website with other gamers.

Is back4blood fun?

gamer940d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@rockwhynot Ya it's a great mindless co-op shooter, with surprisingly challenging difficulty. And a touch of randomness, so when you repeat missions, the tougher enemies will spawn in different spots.

Game pass, so good. Halo around the corner getting great feedback from technical tests. Xbox has always been the place to be for multiplayer =) And with Bethesda umbrella of companies pushing out single player exclusives. Completely different feel for Xbox these days.

nickanasty20639d ago

Jesus dude, no reason to get your feathers in a bunch or to call Xbox gamers cheap. If you pay for so many more games than everyone else, lets at least see some proof before you make those accusations. I own both consoles, and i would bet that I likely have a larger library of games than most that claim Xbox folk don't buy games. I probably even own more games than you on your preferred piece of plastic. I certainly won't accuse you of being somebody who doesn't buy games though.

porkChop39d ago

I have Game Pass and I still buy just as many games, if not more than I did before. The reason I love GP is because I get access to so many games I never would have bought because I wasn't sure if I'd like them.

Games like The Artful Escape which is a beautiful work of art. I never would have played that. But now that I've played it I'm planning to buy it next paycheck, and I'm gonna keep my eye on Beethoven & Dinosaur (the dev) in the future.

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neutralgamer199240d ago

These articles usually turn into back and forth arguments about it what's right and what's being guessed

I wish these companies would provide actual data like they use to(Sony still does give official and I think so does Nintendo. Ms use to but now you have to just take a guess)

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Godmars29040d ago

So Gamepass is more popular than the system its on?

And really, what's the significance of that sub when considering the XB1? The new console nearly represents half the subscriber base while the older one the rest, with PC part of that besides?

ColtPSSX40d ago

“So Gamepass is more popular than the system its on? “

Game pass is not exclusively for series.
It’s a combination of xb1, series, and PC

gravedigger40d ago

And Android devices, which are billions of them and only 20 mil. GPU users

Darkborn40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I still think 20 million is about the number of active users on Xbox if the subs are 20 million. Damn near anyone who has an Xbox has gamepass. It's like required to play any games and they don't buy games obviously. With the last 50 million shipped, not sold of Xbox ones earlier this year and 8 million series consoles. That's around 60 million in total and I'm sure a bunch of them have two or three consoles. The psn has over 100 million monthly active users. That's with over 116 million consoles shipped on ps4 and 13 million ps5's. So I think I'm around the ball park.

Edit* I forgot the gamepass subs included pc numbers too. So who knows.

Mulando40d ago

You also forgot that there is still the old xb live gold. This is what you should compare to the PS+ subscription not gamepass. Not everyone who has gold went on with gamepass. And active PSN users are also something completely different. If you count active users, you have to compare it with the active xbox live users (not only with a subscription) but than be carefull because xbox live is also available on pc.

But yes the gamepass numbers can mean anything.
E.g. do I count for 1, 2 or 3 subscriptions if I have gamepass Ultimate (Gold + Gamepass + Gamepass PC)?
Like always, without knowing what is behind those numbers, numbers don't mean anything.

Darkborn40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I'm just saying at this point if you have an Xbox and don't have gamepass your not someone who uses the console like at all. It's marketed almost like it's straight up required to play anything like gold is. All Xbox gamers talk about is gamepass and there's only 20 million subs. Let's be generous and say 30 million active users. Still low.

Atom66640d ago

That 100million psn number has just as many questions tied to it as the 100 million XBL user number MS reported in January.

Neither define what an active user actually consists of.

You add PC (and even mobile/app) numbers into it, and it gets even more convoluted.

Darkborn40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

100 million Xbox live makes no sense if ony 50 million Xbox ones were shipped to stores (not sold numbers) and 8 million Xbox series consoles were shipped to Stores (no sold). Sounds like just PR and lies to me. Might as well just divide up the headshots and flowers picked like usual.

4Sh0w40d ago (Edited 40d ago )


"I still think"

-So in other words you have no actual factual data to support your thoughts on Gamepass...and you have a totally negative Gamepass history, so I mean come on how seriously should the millions of us actually enjoying Gamepass take you?

-Unfortunately its too late for anti-Gamepass folks like you, the cats out of the bag, its a big deal, its a huge value, gamers love it so you're just gonna have to deal with the fact that its *part of the future of gaming. You could always save yourself the frustration and just go buy your $60, $80 ps games & enjoy them with the peace of mind that you're better than us.

Darkborn40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@4show and when devs who don't want to put their games on Xbox don't, you'll be mad about it like usual. Maybe that's why games not launching on gamepass are only on playstation and pc a lot of the time? It is factual data. 20 million from an analsyt and 18 million from your messiahs mouth. I'm it anti gamepass, I'm anti bad service. After all the Bethesda games are done being made, I bet Microsoft is going to make only GAAS bleeding edge, sea of thieves and halo with 1/8 of the content on release. Microsoft bought games in production to beef up gamepass because their Xbox games were all weak GAAS games trying to keep you subbed for the next 50years.

Atom66640d ago

The 100m XBL and PSN numbers are definitely PR numbers, but it's unlikely Sony or MS would risk lying to shareholders and partners.

Those active user counts likely include every PSN/XBL login across PS3/Vita/360/PS4/XB1/PS5/Serie s/PC/Web browser/mobile app, etc.

It's important for those selling software and buying adspace on PSN/XB to know those #s, but not helpful for determining much on the consumer end.

Darkborn40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Look guys be angry all you want, all we know is almost everyone who knows what an Xbox is also talks about gamepass. So either they just use it as a buzz word or no one actually uses the service they preach. So 20 million gamepass subs means that's a good indicator of how many users are on Xbox monthly. I laid it out pretty decent. Less than 60 million boxes and a little less than half of them are subbed to it (not including pc numbers) that's not bad, but not amazing either.

gamer940d ago

"Damn near anyone who has an Xbox has gamepass. It's like required to play any games and they don't buy games obviously." Can't tell what is sarcasm and what isn't.

Yes a lot of users have gamepass because they've been giving great deals on it over the years to get people hooked. I got my current game pass sub for very cheap. It's up next summer and i'll decide if i'll keep it, but as long as there's 2 games over the course of a year that i would buy at launch then i'll keep it.

I've bought 3 launch-day games in the past ~1 month (diablo, sandstorm, hell let loose), and i'm playing 1 game pass game (Back4Blood). Game pass for me is a bonus that comes up with games i wouldn't buy at launch but i've been enjoying the service =) The cool thing is that all my xbox friends ALSO got Back4Blood free, so i haven't had to talk anyone into a purchase and it's fun with 3 other friends.

Atom66639d ago

Lol, nobody's angry. You're just being obtuse for console war reasons.

4Sh0w39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

"@4show and when devs who don't want to put their games on Xbox don't, you'll be mad about it like usual"

-A future hypothetical based on nothing more than doom n gloom from the usual suspects, there will always be exclusive 3rd party deals but there's absolutely nothing to suggest that devs will ignore the extra millions in sales on xbox that CURRENTLY COEXIST WITH GAMEPASS right now simply because, uhm, ehh, they might sell better on ps, So? 7mil ps sold + 4mil xbox sold lifetime= 11mil, last time I checked, 11 is more than 7.

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lonewolf1040d ago

So Gamepass is more popular than the system its on?

I have no idea why /s

NeoGamer23239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Sony has said they have 47.2 mln Playstation Plus subscribers. So Playstation Plus is more popular then PS5 as well. What is your point?

Everyone knows Playstation Plus is on PS4 and PS5.... And Everyone knows that GamePass is on PC, CBO, and XB Series. You would expect subscriptions that are across multiple hardware to be greater then any single piece of hardware. That is called common sense.

Do you reallly think MS cares about how many GamePass subscribers there are on each platform? No, they care more about how many in total they sell.

Darkborn39d ago

They cared when gamepass numbers were growing just a few months ago and kept shouting out the increasing numbers. As soon as they grew stagnant they got quiet, same as last Gen when they saw their console numbers slowly increase after the 360 years where they were shouting from every rooftop they could about numbers.

Godmars29039d ago

I'm saying they don't care about their hardware. Much like, unless they bring in paid subs, they don't really care about games. If they could get by on 3rd party to bring in subs, they'd do it. There are multiple past examples of them doing just that. All too many examples of when they make games, its to support subs.

4Sh0w39d ago

"they don't really care about games"

huh? I'm not gonna argue their 1st party lineup has not been lacking in the past few years, just not enough big quality AAA releases for my appetite but they are actively fixing that problem, Microsoft just spent 7.5 billion on Bethesda and here are the game studio's they've added to boost their gaming portfolio just since 2018:

Obsidian Entertainment -Currently working on Avowed and Outer Worlds 2
The Initiative -Currently developing Perfect Dark
Undead Labs -Currently working on State of Decay 3
Ninja Theory -Currently working on Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2
Playground Games -Releasing Forza Horizon 5 in 2 weeks, also Currently developing Fable
Double Fine Productions -Recently released Psychonauts 2, working on a new IP
Bethesda (+7 Studios) -Currently working on Elder Scrolls VI, Wolfenstein 3, Indiana Jones, also working on Ghost Wire Tokyo(timed exclusive bc of existing deal), just released Deathloop(timed exclusive bc of existing deal) next year releasing Starfield, of course a lot more in early development

"All too many examples of when they make games, its to support subs."

-Even if that were true are you actually suggesting that its a bad thing that they would make *games so they can attract more *gamers to a *gaming subscription service they created? Wow, bro just stop.

Godmars29039d ago


That their 1st party has been abysmal for YEARS, that they have to buy popular - with a following at least - 3rd parties are suppose to be legitimate counterpoints? Talk about give someone break!

FFS: you're literally trying to push two former PS exclusives - timed or no - as if Phil was on their devs teams!

As for subs, XBL was thing before Gamepass, And what games they - offered, promised? - then where about multiplayer simply to generate more subs.

Its sad that "The ends justify the means" has become a pervasive mentality.

4Sh0w39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

"That their 1st party has been abysmal for YEARS"

-I said last few years, just not enough for my appetite...I thought they did very well up until maybe last 2 years last gen (end of last gen & start of this gen). Either way I sure as hell aint gonna complain that they are aggressively fixing that problem by adding some well established talent.

"3rd parties are suppose to be legitimate counterpoints"

-Why not? Good games are good games, does Sony stanndby some rule that they have to create the studio themselves? Sony recently bought studios that have worked on past Xbox games...and are known for making aggressive exclusive 3rd party deals. I dont blame them its just business:

-AND Sony has a long history of buying outside talent to beat its competitors, just ask Sega:

"Most of the best-selling games of the first PlayStation were neither made by Sony, nor were they even launch titles. Square’s Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX; Core Design’s Tomb Raider series; Namco’s Tekken; and Naughty Dog’s Crash Bandicoot franchises topped the original console’s best-sellers list. The lone exception was Sony’s internally-developed Gran Turismo franchise, which it developed under the studio name Polyphony Digital, but this series alone wasn’t enough to carry the console. Instead, most of the original PlayStation’s greatest hits came from outside the company."

-The only difference now is Sony cant outspend Microsoft so NOW when it comes to buying talent you want to stand on your soapbox and preach how NOW its bad, but only in Microsofts case.

"then where about multiplayer simply to generate more subs."

-Again this is nonsense, I dont even understand your artificial hatred of subs, you do realize that more subs equal more gamers playing more games both in variety & quantity than they otherwise would, right? Its win, win for devs & gamers.

"Its sad that "The ends justify the means" has become a pervasive mentality"

-Translation your favorite plastic manufacturing company cant *outspend the other plastic manufacturing company so lets develop some one sided moral code & pretend a very rich company and its loyal subjects hold the moral high ground over another very, very rich evil company and its peasants who welcome a good deal when they see it.

-So transparent, too easy.

Godmars29039d ago (Edited 39d ago )



For all your wall of text, Sony - and Nintendo - outperform MS as a console brand. For all the props you want to give them for current acquisitions, they still have a rep for having a bad influence on the studios they buy.

You mention transparency, yet only muddle the argument while refusing to see issues.

4Sh0w39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

"For all your wall of text, Sony - and Nintendo - outperform MS as a console brand."

-So COD outsells every game & McDonald's outsells Chic Fil A, so should nothing else exist but the one which is most popular? Should other brands just do what the market leader does? How boring and unsatisfying would that be? Also that wall of text demonstrates your comment about them not caring about games is BS because all the money spent on studios sure as hell wasnt to have them bake cakes.

"they still have a rep for having a bad influence on the studios they buy."

-Based on what example, give me like 1 link of a verified dev from 1 studio in the last 10yrs that has worked on Xbox who has said something close to this. No these are just ps loyalists talking points. While I can give you many examples of praise from both 1st party (of course) indie & 3rd party studios theyve worked with including Insomniac, hell even Bungie who Microsoft let go to become independent upon request say Microsoft is great to work with, they simply wanted to dev in the multipatform environment.

"You mention transparency, yet only muddle the argument while refusing to see issues."

-No you simply hate Xbox, you fabricate issues where there are none and therefore almost everyone of your comments regarding Xbox/Microsoft are nothing more than heavily biased emotional responses EASILY shown to be nonsense when logic is applied.

Godmars29038d ago

"Based on what example"

The example of their output since entering the industry. Repeated cycles of strong showings followed by cancellations and under performance with what does come out.

I don't hate MS, but do think they're tone deaf. Have been since COD and Halo 2 made online multiplayer a thing.

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derek40d ago

He does not know this becuase Microsoft does not give numbers

darkrider40d ago

Because the numbers are low compared to the competition. That simple. No matter the spin is done. If they weren't they would be the first to say. We all know how Microsoft pr work. From greatest line up in history, laps done or shoots fired, 12 teraflops and so on

Ausbo40d ago

What do you know, all the comments consist of fanboys trying to either disprove a reliable analyst, or say that Xbox players don’t buy games.

So predictable………

40d ago
thesoftware73040d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Always expected on N4G.

What they don't know, and what is the most important part of gaming, is that Xbox players, PLAY games! the whole point of gaming.

Not sure when everything became about who buys games or not..I thought it was about awesome gaming, no matter how its delivered..the goal-post moves every time. MS, Sony and Nintendo are all profiting and succeeding in their different but similar avenues. We have a start of what could be one of the best gen in gaming and these people are worried about me buying a game, not realizing I am playing Tons of silly.

40d ago
specialguest39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Give it some time before Sony releases their version of Game Pass 😂. Wait for these Game Pass haters to claim and spin Sony's version as a great thing and champion it. To the haters, don't say PS Now, because it is no where equivalent to Game Pass

These haters try to spin this off as a negative thing against MS XB console, when it's actually a success story for MS. Imagine convincing 20 million people to buy a subscription to basically stream/rent games. That's a gaming companies dream situation. It takes away from the cost in hardware production, shipping, etc from MS. The only thing needed is to maintain the servers and services. It introduces a new stream of revenue. Many who came before it failed to gain popularity like Google Stadia, and Nvidia GeForce Now.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 39d ago

Thanks to Game Pass, I can’t pay $60/year for MP services anymore. Now that $60 code gets converted to 6 months of GAME PASS.

I’d rather pay for games than rent them. Thanks M$ for making that more expensive.


Yah, dig deeper. I tried redeeming one, and it only let me convert it to 6 months of Game Pass. I called of course, and all they did was try to convince me that I was saving money by accepting the conversion.

Don’t piss in my face and tell me it’s free lemonade, M$.

Highrevz39d ago

100% False

Adding gold to an already existing Gamepass ultimate sub will convert at a lower ratio or you can wait till the GPU expires and it will convert at the 1|1 ration. you can let the subscription expire or cancel anytime if you just wanted to add gold subscription without converting to gamepass ultimate.

As GPU already includes Xbox gold there’s no reason to be adding gold until your subscription expires. It’s not forced, you just didn’t know what you was doing.

Pay for your games then instead of using gamepass, that’s on you. Sounds like you’re talking BS with how much you got wrong in that comment🙄


I lived the transaction, have you?

Highrevz39d ago


No because it would be stupid to extend my GPU membership by adding gold to it. You’re wasting your money by doing it that way.

If you only wanted gold then you made the mistake of adding it while a GPU subscription was active.


Game Pass was not active, it was expired, hence the purchase.

Where do you get off magically knowing everything?