PlayStation Studios' Recent Acquisitions Grew Dev Workforce by 20%; Sony Plans to Continue Investing

During Sony’s quarterly conference call for investors and analysts, CFO Hiroki Totoki talked about the PlayStation business.

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stonecold339d ago (Edited 39d ago )

congratulation sony nearly 14 million ps5 units sold and ps4 still marching on nearly 8 years 117 million sold next year going to be big year for ps4 still as well

XiNatsuDragnel39d ago

More purchases sounds good to me

DarXyde38d ago

Does it?

I'm not a fan of industry consolidation.

ColtPSSX38d ago

Why, honestly I hate what MS did and started this purchasing thing and now Sony’s is following its step.

It’s like a acquisition war now.

BlackIceJoe39d ago

Sony needs a RPG developer and Casey Hudson just created Humanoid Studios, so bringing him on to make RPGs would be cool.

Another great company to buy would be Level 5 and then we can get Dark Cloud 3.

Flawlessmic39d ago

Agreed, an RPG dev would be amazing. Could u imagine a big budget sony rpg exclusive, ahhhh now i really want one hahaha

39d ago
darthv7238d ago say Legend of Dragoon 2?

That would make my millennium.

blackblades39d ago

To bad that's a dream, people been talking about dark cloud 3 for decades.

solideagle39d ago

one would assume as a Japanese Company Sony must have an RPG studio but nope they don't. I think it's time Sony start investing in RPGS, it doesn't have to be AAA. I think Sony got discouraged after Legends of Dragoon and Final Fantasy was Console exclusive anyway.

Lore38d ago

Since Sony Pictures is a huge part of their overall business and revenue stream, acquiring Square Enix is the move they should make. Obtaining all of that IP would open up possibilities for not only their movie and tv division but expand on their recent acquisition of Crunchyroll as well. I’d watch a Final Fantasy anime series with a more serious tone.

Lore38d ago

They won’t do it until fans start requesting it of them on twitter/other media channels. That is what led them to Housemarque and Bluepoint. If enough fans are vocal about it they will finally open their eyes.

-Foxtrot38d ago

Going off what's missing Sony needs

An RPG studio, like you've said, something along the lines of Elder Scrolls / Fallout

A Survival Horror studio, something similar to the Resident Evil remakes or The Evil Within

A First Person Shooter studio, most likely to work on new IPs or even old FPS ones like Killzone / Resistance

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darkrider39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

They should. They are on fire on the last 3 years. It's quality games after games. There no waiting for 6 or 8 months or a year for a quality blockbuster

SullysCigar39d ago

More people making those quality games is great news. Keep'em coming!

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