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State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

All the news, announcements and trailers from the October 27 show.

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Community91d ago
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darthv7291d ago (Edited 91d ago )

little devil inside was certainly a looker. And that new PS+ game First Class Trouble is sort of Among Us meets Detroit Become human.

GaboonViper91d ago

I wish we could see a Detroit sequel, loved that game Darth.

camel_toad91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

That's what my friend tells me but it's been shoved back on my backlog for this, that or the other. I really need to get around to it.

gamer780490d ago (Edited 90d ago )

its a fantastic game, i love all of quantic dreams games, heavy on story and character development. i really hope they aren't working on the star wars game, or if they are, i hope they are working on something else too. I love original games and original stories.

ArmorOfGod91d ago

This show was one of the worst in PS history. I’m embarrassed.

Snakeeater2590d ago

Indies games and ps4 looking games. I was terrible…

NeoGamer23290d ago

Not a single game in there looked like it was nextgen at all. And there were some games there that might even be able to ship on PS2.

LordoftheCritics90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Did not feel like a PlayStation Show.

You could label it Nintendo Direct and I would believe it.

I don't think I have ever skipped through a video so fast in recent memory.

GaboonViper91d ago

I thought it was a alright show, people hating on twitter because they overhyped it as usual, for me the big ones were Little Devil that looked incredible, KOF i always liked and Star f**king Ocean oh yes.

darthv7291d ago

I never played a star ocean game so I have no say either way. Im sure fans of the series are happy about it though. KoF is always fun to me.

blackblades91d ago

I played the one that took a long time to get to ps3 because of MS. It was like tales series if you played that series

Lightning Mr Bubbles91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

It was a pretty much "nothing" show for me. The only thing that saved it a little was the announcement of a new Star Ocean game. Little Devil Inside also looks interesting but it had already been revealed before.

camel_toad91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Yeh same here. Little Devil Inside looks like it has real potential and Star Ocean is a maybe. Other than that though I fell victim of expecting too much from what games I thought might be shown - and maybe even a surprise like Bloodborne remastered.

blackblades91d ago

Its Twitter home of the toxicity, cant stand that site no mo

VersusDMC91d ago

Remember when Twitter was hating on Sony not promoting indies properly ...and now they complain there are too many indies. It's an endless loop that should be expected by now.

90d ago
porkChop91d ago

"people hating on twitter because they overhyped it as usual"

No, people are hating on it because the show sucked. It was just bad, plain and simple. PS are capable of far better than this even on a bad day.

poppatron91d ago

I hate to be a hater, but I’d go as far as saying I’m not entirely sure what the show was for. Nothing really worth the production costs of a 25 min show. But obvs that is just personal opinion. I’m looking forwards to devil inside, but that’s it for me, I tried a star ocean on the 360 years ago and it wasn’t for me. Also think they do no one any favours with these terribly compressed sub hd streams. It’s pre recorded, just post it in 4K

gamer780490d ago

i liked star ocean but the rest i actively really disliked, especially that ofk band political campaign advertisement game....

gravedigger90d ago

Overhyped by who actually? Sony literally said this on their blog :

This time out, we’ll be focusing on announcements and updates for upcoming third-party releases headed to PS5 and PS4.

The show is looking to be ~20 minutes or so, and will share new looks at previously announced games, plus a few reveals from our partners around the world.

I dunno what people expected. They mentioned just 3rd party showing. Of course there will be indies, but Little Devil Inside, Star Ocean, KOF and Karting game, Death's Door surprised me.

EvertonFC90d ago

Exactly also I would say maybe gamers should also widen there games and not just be a sheep and only like what youtubers say or there friends play.
I liked the look of 3 or 4 games from the show but hey I like geek, golf club wastelands, lost in random, oxenfree as well as AAA exclusives.
I think gamers today are probably only interested in about 5% of yearly games released which is a shame cause there is lots of gems out there.

monkey60290d ago

It seems we have similar tastes. I prefer indie stuff these days to the half Arsed AAA efforts in most cases. I cant wait for Little Devil Inside and I'm delighted Deaths Door is finally coming to Playstation.
... but I have to admit the rest of the show was very weak. Nothing else piqued my interest at all.
I typically ignore the rumours but I was really hoping the ones of Hogwarts being shown would be true. I'm not even a Harry Potter fan but that game has my attention.

I havent got Golf Club Wasteland yet but I was tempted to get that and Carrion this weekend

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LiViNgLeGaCY91d ago

Star Ocean baby!!!!!!!! Hell yes!!!!

Hellcat202091d ago

I wasn't expecting anything good but holy hell was it a snoozer.
It's on par with an Xbox event.

locomorales91d ago

Everything is on PS4 too. PS5 is really a PS4 Pro Pro.

Ethereal91d ago

True. For now... We are experiencing the generation overlap with all the current gen upgrades/downgrades as the devs slowly transition to the new hardware.

Traecy91d ago

I enjoy playing my PS5 but I said the same thing that the PS5 is basically the PS4 Pro Pro or the PS4 Elite

Old McGroin91d ago

@ 13sentinel

Wow, 3 games in one year!! 😂😂😂

TheKingKratos90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Yeah, that is why i didn't buy ps5 yet and maybe i won't buy it till 2024
Ps4 pro give me all the new games in 4k with the same graphics as ps5 outside of RT and higher fps

I see no reason to buy ps5 now and Sony is launching all it exclusives on pc as well... With each day i see no reason to buy ps5
and i say this as someone who always been playstation gamer since ps1 days

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VersusDMC91d ago

I highly doubt i'll buy anything from that State of Play...but it is definitely better than the Xbox gamescom event. That was a real snoozer.

Darkborn91d ago

I still don't know how became a thing becuase some random indie felt mistreated due to thier game not selling so much. Sony spams indies all day on Twitter, YouTube and their blog posts almost 7 days a week for years. They've always been an indie powerhouse. Just more political idiots with agendas.

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ps360owner0991d ago

After the dumpster fire that was Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness on PS4 I will be taking a wait and see approach with this one. Supposedly we will not have to wait long since the release date for Star Ocean The Divine Force is scheduled for 2022.

--Onilink--91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Yeah, the game visually doesnt look particularly good, but I can live with that if the rest of the game is good. That said, recent Star Ocean games are just decent at most (except IaF which is terrible) so hopefully this one bucks the trend

ps360owner0991d ago

Assuming Forspoken and Final Fantasy 16 somehow both find a way to release in 2022 I can see Star Ocean getting passed over by most. Like you said recent Star Ocean games have just been decent at best.

Traecy91d ago

This new Star Ocean graphics look way better than the Star Ocean from 2016.