Nintendo to Help With Dragon Quest Promotion in U.S.?

It was easy to miss the comment amidst the clangor of yesterday's announcement of Dragon Quest X for Wii -- a comment that would seem to suggest Nintendo and Square Enix are making plans for the promotion of the DQ brand in the West. Speaking to media after the press conference, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said:

"With the release of Dragon Quest IX, there are two things I'd like to make reality. The first is to build a thriving Japanese game market together with Dragon Quest that rivals the West's. The second is to form a strong tag team to promote Dragon Quest overseas. At Nintendo, we were able to popularize the Brain Age series overseas, which was said to be unmarketable. I want to increase the number of people worldwide that understand the appeal of Dragon Quest, which represents all Japanese gaming culture...even if that only turns out to be a single person. I'm looking forward to working together with Mr. Horii and Square Enix."

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qface643689d ago

yeah go for it nintendo the more people that get to enjoy dragon quest the better this is a game id wait hours in line for

Captain_Sony3689d ago

SO will they support it like they did Wii Fit or more like how they did Metroid Prime3.. Nintendo cant market hardcore games as well as they can casual. Only because they never try though...AC is all over the TV with those stupid ads.. Never saw an ad for Wario,Metroid,SPM, etc.. They'll do site ads and nothing more if they continue to follow their previous patterns.

Smacktard3689d ago

I disagree. Wario had a great viral marketing video on youtube, and it's still bookmarked for me!

Metroid Prime was also fairly decent, with the channel to download on the Wii. The AC commercials are sickening though. Can't believe they ever considered that game to be "for the hardcore" and then put out those commercials.