Atari blasts back from the past with new game plan

For many gamers Atari is a blast from the past or just a logo on retro T-shirts but the company that dates back 36 years is looking to reclaim a stake of the videogame landscape.

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Smacktard3596d ago

Here's a better plan: make good games.

If Infogames had a majority share since 2000, there's no excuse for why they haven't been able to make quality titles under Infogames since then. It's just as much Infogames' fault. As long as a majority share is held, they pretty much have complete control over the company.

ThatArtGuy3596d ago

Atari is just a name now.

Dark General3596d ago

How about they stop d*cking around and give me a new Test Drive game. But my wants aside Atari has been doing better since Phil Harrison has joined them. Snatching up Ghostbusters, putting out a new ready to rumble (don't know if it's going to be as good as the 2 originals though). Oh yeah and bringing The Witcher to consoles. Not bad. Better than putting out putrid DBZ fighting games twice a year.

GrammarPolice3596d ago

The gaming world is better when Atari is healthy. Old school gamers are today's thirty- and forty- something professionals who are making money and appreciate the Atari name. Best of luck to them as they try to go "Madonna" and successfully reinvent themselves.

Dark_Overlord3596d ago

Atari should start publishing more titles from obscure developers, they may get lucky

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