How Did Final Fantasy XIV Become One of the Most Important Games of 2021?

2021 was an incredible year for Final Fantasy XIV. The community grew so quickly that Square Enix had to temporarily stop selling the game. But why did it take so long to get here, and how did it suddenly become the most-played subscription-based MMORPG in the world?

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LotusViridis86d ago

It's the most profitable final fantasy game, best reviewed mmo, and was one of the most watched mmo's on stream sites this year. I'd think that's a pretty important game even if it doesn't feel it to you.

enkiduxiv86d ago

Probably because everything else got delayed.

Kaii86d ago

Cares about the community & the game they've developed
Not Involved In controversies
Best of all? Not having to waste developer resources changing Women's portrait into a bowl of fruit

durran385d ago

Because it's a bloody brilliant game and in terms of Story is the greatest video game story ever told