Sony has changed the PlayStation Mobile branding to PlayStation PC on Steam

Sony has updated its official PC publisher status on Steam from PlayStation Mobile to PlayStation PC ahead of the release of God of War.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro31d ago

Shows that they're serious about bringing their games to PC.

ColtPSSX31d ago

I don’t see why not.
IMO Sony will never do day 1 PC, but why not put the old games on it like god of war and days gone.

Make money off the older the games.

RavenTears31d ago

They should just port all their PS1, and PS2 games on PC already.

D3TH_D33LR31d ago

And by then, all the content and balancing is usually finished by then, making pc the best place to experience their best singleplayer games. It only makes sense for them to go this route. They still maintain console exclusivitiy between other consoles and can earn more on their titles with by later bringing it to a PC market.

rlow131d ago

Well, never say never. People said two three years ago that Sony’s first party titles would only ever appear on their consoles. Fast forward to today and that ship has sailed. So in another couple of years are we going to see day and date? Possible, but I can also see Sony sticking to this current strategy. Thing is, if they came this far, it’s not to much of a stretch to see them going day and date on the pc.

Livingthedream31d ago

That's probably where it's headed day 1 on PC, works for me. Lol

Zeref31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

If you can't see the writing on the wall already, idk what to tell you.

Day 1 will happen soon enough. They didn't rebrand and buy Nixxes for no reason.

People also said Playstation exclusives will never be on PC period. And here we are.

1Victor31d ago

@ real Ted
then Xbox game pass should come to PlayStation as well as Nintendo they’re the one that wants to have their games everywhere.
Just admit it you want to play Sony games day one without buying their console.
There’s nothing worse than a entitled master race player Whinnying about NOT HAVING EVERYTHING NOW

GameZenith31d ago

Never say never. If it is financially beneficial to them, they would release on PC day 1 or at least 3-6 months after launch.

This is a business.

TheDibbler31d ago

I’m down for day 1 releases but that won’t happen.

mark_parch31d ago

they'll definitely be day one at some point in the future imo

aidendelaney9530d ago

They might do Day & Date with Free-to-Play Multiplayer games though. They wouldn't exactly be losing any money with that approach to those titles.

EvertonFC30d ago

Sales are normally all in the 1st month apart from the best of the best of course.
I think 6/12months is fine before porting over to PC

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-Foxtrot31d ago

As long as it’s older titles and not games on the current generation then it’s not a huge issue


A huge issue for whom? Gamers or fanboys?

TheRealTedCruz31d ago

The issue is that people take issue with good games being on multiple platforms in the timeframe where sales make or break chances for sequels, or even the studio's future.

Provide a good platform and service, then you don't have to worry about anything. People will buy that platform.
We're gamers. We should want good games at access to as many people as possible. Not whine about the pieces of plastic you play them on.

Fntastic31d ago

I can smell the jealousy already.

Profchaos31d ago

I've got no issue with the game being offered on PC alongside ps5 as a ps5 player.

I like choice I have a capable PC myself but it's a choice of mine that after spending a day working with a kB/m I chose not to relax behind one even if graphics and or frame rates are better.

Only issue I see is if the PS version is compromised in any way.

-Foxtrot31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Jesus you guys are so defensive

I just meant newer titles like Day 1

Who wants PS5 titles Day 1 to come to the PC? I mean really? It defeats the point of having a PS5

People have called Microsoft for this but now that Sony could do it it’s now good?

THATS fanboyish

I literally can’t believe the complete 180 on this now

TheRealTedCruz31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

"As long as it's older titles and not games on the current generation then it's not a huge issue"

*Gets called out*

"What I was saying was not day one"

No you didn't. You literally said what was an entire generation past. We're the defensive ones? You're literally switching up your narrative within the same comment.
You get called out because you always act like this on here. That's the real truth.

TheDoomedGuy31d ago (Edited 31d ago )


Funny how you forgot to mention Sony. It would be an issue to Sony because I and many others would smarten up and not get their unnecessary console.

That is the issue. And that would be a Sony issue not gamer or fanboy. Just like how I won't be getting an Xbox this gen since all their games are coming to PC.


Nope. PlayStation hasn't really ever had an issue with sales..the Xbox has had that problem though. Also being a gamer has nothing to do with this random desire to really want other people to have access to games...exclusivity's why Sony has outsold Xbox and stayed in the console space for so long.

It's also what has brought us the best experiences in gaming that we currently enjoy. And as for as making it more accessible. Putting it on PC doesn't make it more accessible money wise. PC is a more expensive investment considering the ps5 price tag and capabilities. So it's already the most accessible place to play

-Foxtrot31d ago (Edited 31d ago )


It's literally the same thing considering the current generation has basically just began, we are literally just passing the first year with not many PS5 titles having launched because AGAIN we're still in the early was implied lets be honest

Day 1 at this CURRENT time means any games at the moment being released on the PS5. God of War 2018 wants to release on PC, fair enough, if God of War Ragnarok was released Day 1 or even a month later then what's the point of having this brand new expensive console.

"You get called out because you always act like this on here"

Oh you're going there? Being an ass with personal attacks to me as a user not what's on this article, being on topic? Okay I'll do the same

And you, like always try and act like this "true gamer" who's totally in the middle within these "fanboy" related articles and act like we should all hold hands as one and sing kumbaya around a camp fire yet other comments you make usually go against that, that's the truth. See. I can do the same.


"Who wants PS5 titles Day 1 to come to the PC? I mean really? It defeats the point of having a PS5"

The "I'll just play it on PC" argument realistically only applies to the 5% of gamers that have high-end PCs comparable in tech to the PS5/Series X. The average gamer doesn't care if PC gamers have access to the same games they do.

darthv7231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Day 1 or year 1... doesnt really matter so long as Sony understands there is a segment of gamers who would enjoy the opportunity to play their games on the PC. And it looks like the head of PS understands that. The timing is up to them to decide, not us. There will always be those early adopters who play on console and those who wait a bit longer for PC. Nothing wrong with that.

Orchard31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I don't get why people care about this. If it came to Switch or Xbox, then sure, maybe there's an argument that you don't need to buy a PS5.

But really, most people aren't about to bail out on PS hardware and buy a high end gaming rig & people enjoying the games I play on my PS5, on their PC, doesn't affect my enjoyment of them or make me feel guilt over my hardware purchase.

I purchased a PS5 because I like playing the games on a big TV, from the comfort of my couch with my family around me, rather than being stuck at a desk with a headset on sitting a few feet from a smaller display. If more people want to / get to experience Sony exclusives, great, welcome to the party, you're in for a treat - and it's even more money for Sony to deliver us more great exclusives in the future.

Ausbo31d ago

PC players being able to play a game that you can play on ps5, doesn’t affect you.

So it’s not an issue even if it is a current game.

Zeref31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

How is it an Issue at all?

I won't be buying a Playstation anytime soon. But I'll gladly play some of the interesting ones on PC like God of War.
They would never get my money otherwise. There's plenty of people like me.
How is catering to that audience bad for Sony or for gamers in general?

GameZenith31d ago

Why would there be an issue?

This just seems like an issue for fanboys. For gamers, this is a win-win. PS5 owners gets good games Day 1 and PC gamers gets games day 1.

Only fanboys would hate this cause they only want the exclusives on PS5 so that they can argue that you NEED a PS5 to play X games.

itsmebryan31d ago

Why would new games be an issue?

mark_parch31d ago

You're going to have an issue this generation lol

TheRealTedCruz30d ago

Do you want to keep back tracking and make believe that your original comment doesn't blatantly say "as long as it's not from this generation"?
Or just keep on playing dumb? Making it as though anyone with reading comprehension simply mistook your words for something entirely not what they represent.

And no, I'm actually pretty unbiased when it comes to games. I just play the ones I want to play.
There's just so many Only Sonys on here, all the compliments I give towards Sony gets drowned out by me calling out Sony Defense Force 2.0 that make up 4/5 of this site.

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itsmebryan31d ago

When do you think GT7 is coming? 5 and 6 were bad I hope they fixed things in 7. How long before day and date games?

FanboysKiller31d ago

From a business perspective , they don't make money selling playstation consoles , it's the games.

Ryzza531d ago

and the PS+ subscriptions (which require players to be on a console, I guess).

plmkoh31d ago

Playstation 5 is making profit per console now I believe.

ApocalypseShadow31d ago

Hmmm... I wonder if any "PlayStation PC" hardware will show up like from yesterday's comment?....not yet?...too early? Not coming? Let's wait and see...

Fluke_Skywalker31d ago

Really can't see that happening at all tbh.

Atom66630d ago

No, it's still dumb. They couldn't keep VAIO in the profitable let alone then try to compete in some pre-built gaming PC market.

They are able to forego margins on console and price them so close to costs because they get that 30% royalty on software.

If they made PCs, all profit would have to come from hardware (which would still be made by others like AMD) that they would then package together and sell at a premium. Just to maybe sell a few additional games through Steam?

That's a big fail waiting to happen.

They'll have a PC client/launcher in place soon enough. Maybe by the time their MP titles start to hit.

Ryzza531d ago

I'm still waiting for Crash Team Racing on PC.

Amplitude31d ago

Same. Or a PS5 patch. Love the game - hate the framerate. No kart racer should be 30fps lol

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