Do We As Gamers Over-Hype Games For Ourselves - Step Ya Game Up - Ep 26

Blade206,DCI and WorseCase come together to talk about

* X-play's Game of the year being bias?

* Level 5 destined to be bought by Sony

* The key price of the PS3 to sell more

* People hyping up games for others

* As always we have a step ya game up and much much more...

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Graphics Whore3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I won't lie and say I'm only impartial to hype, sometimes it gets the best of the of us and usually this comes straight from the horses mouth. The media or the developers themselves hype us, for example Dyack from Too Human, PR was great until it was released.

Dev's have good reasoning for this too, they put there heart and souls into games slave unusually long works hours, it seems reasonable when they talk about it but clearly people don't share the same opinions.

X-Play GOTY total crock. Don't feed me that Garbage, Fable 2 was fun but the overall experience felt rushed and very glue together. X-Play had a plethora of games to choose from and they chose the mildest, just sad.

A huge, huge, HUGE title that is upcoming is Killzone 2, I personally was involved in the Beta and there is alot to be excited for, there is no reason not to be hyped for Killzone 2.


Yes we over hype games and thats just a fact.I must admit i have played my part in hyping games on this website... :)

bomboclaat_gamer3599d ago

more hype means more sales. those of u who has lair for ps3 have been suckered in lol. and those who bought too human were also suckered in. boohoo. u got tricked my the hype machine

Kinetix3599d ago

Yes but it's only natural if it's games you're looking forward to. There's no incentive for me to hype all the games that are coming out, the only reason I would do it is because I really can't wait to play it. But yes sometimes we need just need to relax and keep our minds off of them before we end up disappointing ourselves just because we expected way too much.

Harry1903599d ago

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