FIFA 22 Review - Predatory Pushing of Gambling [Wccftech]

FIFA 22 is an undeniably fantastic football game, once you get on the pitch. HyperMotion Technology, and a push for enhanced visuals, physics, and more, make this an incredibly tactical experience and closer to the real thing than ever before. The inevitable problem is when you look at the insidious inclusions off the pitch, such as FUT, which - while somewhat more generous with the in-game currency - is still incredibly predatory and push on the in-game gambling mechanics.

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-Hermit-34d ago

Predatory pushing of gambling........but still an 8/10 😐

Christopher34d ago

It's the high quality of the predatory push. You have to give credit where credit is due.

TheLigX34d ago

Predatory pushing of gambling.... I think I'll give it an 8. GTFO looks like a shill to me.