How to survive your first hour in Home (and dodge dancing sex pests)

CVG writes: "Home is a virtual world in which people create avatars and wander around 'interacting' with each other. Sounds harmless, right? Well, it's not. In fact, it's one of the strangest places I've ever been - virtual or otherwise."

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Bebedora3651d ago

After reading this, I have to reconsider my take on telling people that the PS3 crowd are more mature. lol

LinuxGuru3651d ago

Yeah a lot of weirdos have come out from the shadows, revealing themselves through PS Home.

I just laugh at them.

Megaton3651d ago

You're guaranteed to get desperate pervs hitting on you if you use a female avatar. Always happened in the closed beta. I don't respond to people or accept friend invites when I'm on one of my female characters.

SL1M DADDY3650d ago

Click over to the male avy when you get hit on by some perv. From what I hear, it is perv repellant when a chick whips out a male avy with a fat gut and mullet. ;-)

Megaton3650d ago

I've got a couple guy avatars, a "hot" female avatar, and a really ugly fat chick avatar. If someone comes up and starts dancing at me, I usually switch to the fat chick.

Strife Lives3651d ago

i find 2nd life to be full of psycos ,pervs etc.Ive never been there,so what I know is from here,n4g.Now,I hope Sony doesnt get on that negative hype.Home is so diffrent,its COMPLETLY different in fact.I dont want people to think Home is some pedo heaven.And Sony,you better start throwing the ban hammer at perverts and pedophiles.etc. P.s as quick as you were deleting LBP levels ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.