Touch of Gaming #13: You Will Die!

Lloyd the Canadian Superstar says,

"Welcome to the lucky #13 episode of the Touch of Gaming Podcast. Rob joins me this week to talk about all things in Apple Mobile gaming.

In this episode we of course talk about all the latest and greatest releases for the past week, of which there are MANY, but we also take some time to give our extended impressions of Dr. Awesome, LED Basketball, All Star Darts and Christmas with Weezer! So enjoy this episode of the ToG and we'll be back in your ear next week!"

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killyourfm3600d ago

I haven't tried it yet, but how freaking cool is it that bands like Weezer and NIN are totally endorsing the iPhone?

CrAppleton3600d ago

I'm tired of having to listen to podcasts on the comp

CrAppleton3600d ago

I'm also tired of not being able to play all these cool games on the iPhone

bgrundman3600d ago

anybody want to develop an iPhone emulator?

roblef3600d ago

@bgrundman - wouldn't that be like....using the computer to listen to podcasts?

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roblef3600d ago

Honestly, I think these guys have hit their stride. ;)